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Business plan Finchley

No description

Rasna Mistry

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Business plan Finchley

FINCHLEY Proposed business plan for first 90 days and beyond.. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE, EVERYTIME!!!!

To establish a strong hold on current clientelle

To seek out new prospects whilst providing increasing sales success within the company

To promote Finchley as one of Amplifon's leading branches and as a pioneering hearing care provider, encompassing a broader range of audiological expertise

This will be implemented using various techniques and strategies. 30 day plan Learn 60 day plan Review 90 day plan PROPOSED FORECAST... STRATEGIES 1st 90 days 90 days and beyond... CONCLUSION First 30 days - learn, build on old relationships, establish new ones
60 days - analyse what has been learnt
90 days and beyond - sustain and develop strategic plans ensuring continued growth based on the company business objective
EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE, EVERYTIME!! Background Student representative in Audiology
Graduated with clinical distinction
Paediatric audiologist employed by NHS and education sector - very varied role
Graduate mentor for student audiologist at the University of Manchester
Two years teaching experience in primary schools
Highly regarded locum audiologist throughout my career
Success at Amplifon Twickenham - improvements in conversion rates, price pitching, reading people,business analysis SCOPE Situation
Core Competencies
Expectations Situation: Confident dispenser
Successful aftercare conversion
Initial test conversion = low Core competencies: London location
Affluent area
Established branch coordinators
Database size Obstacles: Initial test converstion rate
COMPETETION (esp. Hidden)
High AOV
Contact centre bookings
Economic climate
NHS/AQP Prospects: Improve initial test conversion
CONTACTS - look at links with local council
Search for more clients through inactive/slippage/CNP/trials
Lowering AOV to attract another level of clientelle
Assistive devices and noise protection
BAHA/Syringing/Tinnitus project Expectations: Improved initial test conversion rate
Higher number of initial test booked appts
Continuation of aftercare conversion
An established network of medical professionals
A specialism/niche service e.g. BAHA
Established HCA/Field dispenser Improve initial test conversion to between 25-30% in first three months
Increase initial conversion to between 30-40% between 3-9 months
Increase initial test conversion to 40-45% after having established a good network after 9 months
AOV will lower due to increased sales across the price range THANK YOU
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