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No description

Dylan Hollenberg

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Germany

Germany X330 Greeting and Interacting Dress Handshake Way to Address Physical Contact Sie vs. Du Herr & Frau Building a Relationship Wal-Mart in Germany Negotiation Aldi Lifestyle Regulations Preferences Management Unions Outcome? Lack of Understanding Failure Lack of Experience Rushed Approach Competence Formality Respect Building a Relationship Highlights Introduction to Germany Building a Relationship Personal vs. Professional Large Division Direct Representation of Self Fun at Home, Not Work 82,000,000 people Economy Euro Thinking Patterns Must Be Correct and Truthful Decision Making and Planning High Value for Technical Knowledge Attention to Detail - Competence is the basis of trust - Division of work self and personal self - Hierarchy and formality - High value of technical knowledge and detail Agenda Structured Meetings Description of Qualifications Education Background Illustrate Strengths Negotiation Be Competent Accept Criticism Provide Objective Data Decision Making - Anticipate questions, prepare responses - Germans are not afraid to say "no" Which trickles down to... Negotiation Act Professionally Ask Questions Ensures Accuracy Provide Summaries Cultural Dimensions Power Distance Individualism Uncertainty Avoidance Long Term Orientation Masculinity LOW Highly Individualistic HIGH LOW HIGH Hofstede Conclusion Hofstede Validity Negotiating Relationship Building Introductions Case Hofstede Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck
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