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St.Claude Autobody


Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of St.Claude Autobody

Great customer service
Good team environment
Superior workmanship
Great work ethic
Personable staff
Effective communication with new and established clients
Customer education; YouTube video regarding making claims
Competitors moving into area
Difficulty finding good employees/labor pool
Decrease in claims
Technology...anti collision detectors in new vehicles etc.
Not great first impressions when potential clients see current facility
Lead time in getting vehicles in...back log
Too small a shop to take on more work
Not a good work environment for workers...too small
Not enough on site and surrounding area signage
New larger facility
Time/room for more business
New better signage
Possible signage on the north wall of building
New building will be unique and draw attention
New accessories showroom
Goal...to double business in the next five years
Strengths Of Your Current Media Plan
Ways to improve YOUR advertising
Radio is 3 in 1 Medium for St. Claude Auto
There are 3 ways to improve
your advertising...
Why Advertise?
How to Connect with Your Customers
Why Radio/Online?
It's Personal
Radio makes a personal connection with its listeners
The radio station they listen to is THEIR radio station
Radio is a personal yet mass media version of word of mouth
It's Mobile
Radio is on
It's Sound
Radio is sound, and sound is memorable.
Consider music and all those songs you know the lyrics to without ever intentionally learning them
In the car, at home and at work
Streaming online and on your mobile phone
It's in stores, restaurants and at the dentists office
Radio is always accessible
Wherever you are...
radio and internet are there with you
This is how Canadians Spend their media time
A Sound Partnership
Educate Consumers
Announce new product/service
Educates potential clients like your newspaper and flyers, but more often
Reaches potential clients in your market with compelling messages
Has impact you want with more commercials and frequency
Educate consumers with MORE COMMERCIALS
Need more then one ad/week/month
to tell the complete
St.Claude Auto Story
Drive home a
about St.Claude Auto
Build your brand awareness with potential new clients
Frequency = Energy & Awareness
Educate potential clients like your newspaper and flyers, but more often
Reaches potential clients in your market with compelling messages
Has impact you want with more commercials and frequency
Shows pictures and tells a story that is not current
but presumably reached target audience
Shows pictures and tells a current story, and reaches target audience
Tells your entire and current story
Reaches target audience

It's Engaging
Online visitors can explore your business or organization more than even before
They can research current issues online as they arise
People go online
At home and at work and virtually anywhere there is a computer
On your mobile device
source - e-marketer, 2011
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