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Flipping the classroom

No description

John Kane

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Flipping the classroom

Think back to when you were a student. What was your most memorable learning experience?
A) A lecture
B) an independent study project
C) a research project
D) None of the above
When did you really learn the material that you teach?
What do most lectures focus on?
Team-based learning
Problem-based learning
Just-in-time teaching
Basic approach:
have students use texts, video lectures, and other materials to acquire basic knowledge outside of class
Project-based learning
Peer instruction
What do students find most difficult?
use class time to assist students with problems that involve applications
San Jose State / EdX
Circuits and Electronics class
Old passing rate = 51%
Used EdX MOOC to flip class
New passing rate = 91%
(91 students)
Eric Mazur - physics
"Data obtained in my class and in classes
of colleagues worldwide, in a wide range of
academic settings and a wide range of disci-
plines, show that learning gains nearly triple
with an approach that focuses on the student
and on interactive learning."

Eric Mazur, Farewell Lecture, Science, 1/2/2009
Our Experiences
Eco 101 - prior to course restructure - median student performed at roughly 46-55th percentile

using JITT, short granular videos, mastery learning quizzes, and clickers - median student is at 75th percentile (last two years)
Capstone seminar
Students select 10-11 topics at first class meeting
I select journal articles and working papers on these topics - all papers are presented by students
Students engage in significant research paper
Student presentation during the last 2-3 weeks
More engagement, somewhat better papers
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