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No description

Sarah Miller

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Shrek

Refusal of the Call
Shrek doesn't want to leave his house, he doesn't want to change the way he his living. He likes everything just the way it is, so he doesn't really want to do something about the fairytale creatures on his property. Also, once he wins the competition he definitely doesn't want to help or go on any sort of quest.
The Experience of Unconditional Love
Shrek and donkey have their ups and downs but in the end they become great friends. Shrek falls in love with Princess Fiona. When Shrek loses hope Donkey gets him motivated to continue on the journey.
The Magic Flight
The "magic flight happens when Shrek realizes that he needs to be with Fiona and he actually flies on a dragon to go stop the wedding.
The magic flight also happens after Shrek and Fiona get married and they celebrate.
Hero's Journey Archetype
By: Sarah B and Sarah M
Ordinary World
Shrek lives alone in the middle of no where, so the "ordinary world" is his house and his swamp. All he does is stay in his swamp and scare away the villagers that try to bother him. He likes his way of life and doesn't want anything to change.
The Call to Adventure
Events Leading to the Call to Adventure
The Beginning of the Adventure
The Road of Trials
The Ultimate Boon
Refusal of the Return
Rescue From Without
The real call to adventure was when Shrek accidentally won Lord Farquaad's competition to decide who will go rescue princess Fiona for him.
All the fairytale creatures have been put in Shrek's swamp. They are annoying Shrek and he wants them to leave. When Shrek learns that Lord Farquaad has put all the creatures there he leaves to go find Lord Farquaad and tell him to get rid of them.
The adventure begins when firstly, Shrek decides to go see Lord Farquaad and get his property back, and then he starts the main adventure when he agrees to rescue Princess Fiona.
Donkey really annoys Shrek and Donkey comes on the Quest with Shrek.
Shrek has to find the tower where Princess Fiona is being kept.
There is a dragon guarding the tower where Princess Fiona is being kept.
When Shrek reaches Princess Fiona she is disappointed that he is not a "real" prince. She is annoying because she keeps saying that his rescue was all wrong
Shrek hears Donkey and Fiona talking and he thinks they are talking about him so he becomes very sad and just wants to end the journey
Shrek is at home and Princess Fiona is about to get married
Lord Farquaad will not let Shrek marry Princess Fiona
For Shrek, the ultimate boon
be when he gets Princess Fiona to Lord Farquaad, but when he gets home he just doesn't feel quite right.
With the help of Donkey Shrek realizes that what he needs to do is stop Princess Fiona from getting married. The Ultimate Boon really takes place when he stops the wedding and ends up marrying Princess Fiona.
A quest...
how about...no.
Shrek never really "refuses to return" he just has a slow, sad montage scene back to his house because he knows that what he was doing wasn't really what he was destined to do, he was destined to be with Princess Fiona. Fiona, as well as the other characters seem to experience this as well.
When Shrek overhears donkey and Princess Fiona talking he loses hope that Fiona might love him. Donkey realizes this and tells Shrek to go after her and that got Shrek back on track. Then, Shrek goes to rescue Fiona from Lord Farquaad the dragon saves them and eats Lord Farquaad.
In the end Shrek and Fiona get married and they live happily ever after.
The hero is Shrek.
Shrek is...
an ogre
lives alone
people are scared of him
Image/Video Sources
Hero slide
Slide 1:
Slide 2:
Slide 3:
Slide 4:
Slide 5:
Slide 6:
Slide 7:
Slide 8:
http://www.youtube.co m/watch?v=v4tYJdDj3_8
Slide 9:
Slide 10:
Slide 11:
Slide 12
Slide 13: http://www.playrific.com/images/media/princess26sghrekwedding.jpg http://basementrejects.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/shrek-shrek-and-fiona-wedding.jpg
Shrek lives alone in his swamp.
He meets Donkey on day.
Shrek goes home to find that Lord Farquaad has sent fairytale creatures to Shrek's swamp, Shrek is angry so he leaves to find Lord Farquaad with Donkey.
Shrek accidentally wins Lord Farquaad's competition to rescue Princess Fiona.
Shrek goes on an adventure and rescues Princess Fiona.
He takes her back to Lord Farquaad's palace but it turns out he is falling in love with her.
Shrek goes home but Donkey makes him realize that he needs to go after Princess Fiona.
Shrek flies on the dragon that was guarding Princess Fiona's tower to rescue Princess Fiona.
Lord Farquaad is about to marry Princess Fiona when Shrek arrives and stops the wedding.
The dragon eats Lord Farquaad.
Princess Fiona and Shrek kiss.
Princess Fiona turns into and ogre permanently.
Shrek and Princess Fiona get married at Shrek's swamp.
Then they live happily ever after.
Crossing the Threshold
The crossing the threshold is when Shrek and Fiona realize who they truly love and that they needed to follow their heart. And that it doesn't matter what you look like.
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