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Keeping Connected: An intro to social media in government - Kate McIver & George Wenzel

A quick and dirty overview of web 2.0 tools and their usefulness

George Wenzel

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Keeping Connected: An intro to social media in government - Kate McIver & George Wenzel

Keeping Connected Social networking/Microblogging
"What are you doing?"
Short (140 character or less) messages
Share content, interact with others Online space to store, share and collaborate in real time
Accessible anywhere with an internet connection
Control who can see your documents (public vs limited access) Free internet calling/video calls/instant messaging
Share screen feature allows for document viewing
Can also call regular land lines (for a fee) Set of articles that can be edited by anyone with access
Collaboration - self-regulating
Revision history, ability to revert
Easy to edit (can use markup language or WYSIWYG editor) GCConnex Youtube Blogs RSS Facebook Linkedin Twitter Google Docs Skype IM Professional networking
Group discussions
Job opportunities
Recommendations Google plus Social networking
Can organize friends into lists
create "events" and manage guest lists
Fan pages and information pages "facebook for Canadian government"
blogging platform
discussion groups share video
comments enabled = conversation enabled
ability to brand your own channel Self-publishing platform
comments allow for discussion Other tools "Instant messaging"
Doesn't clog up email inboxes
For short, snappy conversations
From a "boss" perspective, easy way to see who's in, even on 'virtual' teams "Really Simple Syndication"
Keep track of headlines YOU want to see An Intro to Social Media in Government Why use social media at all? Ok, but that was all about marketing and building a brand... what about the rest of us? Where are we now? GoC 2.0 Tools External Tools Government of Canada’s wiki
Anyone within the .gc.ca domain can view
Subject to ATIP requests
33,000 employee accounts and counting
Open platform for input and modifications on specific documents, policies or subjects
Connecting subject matter experts on initiatives and ideas
Versatile in bringing together edits and linkages between topics
A centralized location for GoC public documents (minutes, agendas, work in progress etc.) for groups and committees
For collecting information and gathering an easily searchable public knowledge base for the GoC Simple, threaded, open discussion platform to share knowledge, best practices and assets (links, documents, images etc.). Also capable of blogging.
User base of over 15,000 employee accounts (and growing exponentially) in 80+ departments/agencies
Over 300 private and public forums containing more than 7500 discussion topics ranging from “Why does it take so much time to staff a position?” to DFO’s “Web Renewal Initiative”.
Commonly used format (appeals to a wide audience base), appeals to non-tech employees, and is OL/CLF compliant
A centralized location for committee or group specific/restricted documents
Equipped with machine translation capabilities
Mobile "Facebook" for the GoC
Large group of employees (currently 2000+), with no restrictions on classification, position, location, department, etc.
Accessible to employees with varying levels of tech knowledge
Facilitates networking between employees with common professional interests
Open, semi-open, or private communities where you can upload files and pictures for others to see, manage a common event calendar, have discussions
Write a blog or read other blogs by GC employees Social networking/microblogging service
Short text messages 140 characters in length, called "tweets"
Rapid information, often faster than traditional channels
1 tweet is greater than the sum of its followers
Collaboration (formal and informal)
"Hashtags" to follow and add to conversations on specific topics "Facebook" for business/professionals
Post resumes, experience, recommend colleagues.
Facilitates networking amongst multiple departments, companies, agencies, etc.
Open, semi-open, or private "groups" for discussion and posting articles of interest.
For a small fee, can post job openings and find resumes that might fit the bill
Post job openings Google Docs - stores documents "in the cloud" for future retrieval and use
Accessible from anywhere you have internet access
Can grant different levels of access to documents, allowing others to share if necessary
Collaborate on most major document/spreadsheet/presentation formats Officially-Sanctioned IM tools Instant Messaging (ie: Microsoft Communicator, Pidgin (available through Shared Services gCLASS)
Can reach any employee within your internal address book (Communicator), some allow addition of outside contacts (Pidgin)
Chat with multiple people in real time
Depending on settings, enable file transfer without clogging up email
Send information instantly without "interrupting" (great for in-person services). February 2009, Alberta Court of Queen's Bench
Knott v. Sutherland Considerations

Other options Blaney vs. Persons Unknown 101 West Hastings Residential Limited Partnership
Ursula Maria Schweighofer Thank-you!! kate.mciver@servicecanada.gc.ca
@katcall42 Ok 2 meet l8r? Just
got called into mtg. Let's check out the real thing! Most-followed public servant Higher Higher Way higher
(~350km) How did he learn? Even astronauts were beginners one day There are no stupid questions Join the conversation Interesting conversations
begin with a question... TBS Guideline on Web 2.0:
http://tinyurl.com/web20guideline outdated address
(typical of GEDS...) 81 53 75 40 81 88 Enjoy the day Kate: @katcall42 / George: @georgewenzel Kate McIver & George Wenzel #gocsmd Cue George
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