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Kool Kups

No description

viola jensen

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Kool Kups

Put ice in one cup only.
Put drink in both cups.
Read temperature every three minutes.
Record temperature in table on p. 96.
Place the cups on the paper towel.
Attach the thermometers to the outsides of the cups with the rubber bands.
Read temperature and record on p. 96.
Do you notice anything forming on the outside of either cup?
What does it look like?
Is there any difference between the way the cups feel?
Does either of the cups feel wet?
The molecules do not change - they only are farther apart or closer together.
Place your hand near the cups. What do you notice about the air around the cups?
Discuss the three states of matter and label.
Key Question and Learning Goals
p. 95.
Fill in the answers to the questions on p. 96.
Kool Kups
Wipe the outside of the cup that does not have ice with the paper towel. What do you observe?
Wipe the outside of the cup with ice with the paper towel. What do you observe? Is the wet spot the same color as the flavored drink?
How does this help us see that the water did not come from the cup?
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