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Herdy Favian Almanza Rivera

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of ESPAÑA

Located in Western Europe and North Africa, occupying most of the Iberian Peninsula.
In land area is the fourth country in Europe after Russia, Ukraine and France.
The physical limits of Spain are: west, Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea to the east, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Pyrenees, along the Bay of Biscay at sea Biscay to the north.
Spain is now what is called a "state of autonomies" formally unitary country which functions as a decentralized federation of autonomous regions, each with different levels of self-government.

Municipality Autonomous Community Population

1. Madrid Community of Madrid 3 233 527
2. Barcelona Catalonia 1 620 943
3. Valencia Community Valencia 797 028
4. Sevilla Andalusia 702 355
5. Zaragoza Aragon 679 624
6. Málaga Andalusia 567 433
thank you very much
Name: Kingdom of Spain
Capital: Madrid City
Official Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro

Date Name Notes

1- January 1 New Year -
2- January 6 Magi Epiphany
3- March 19 Saint Joseph (not nationwide)
4- March or April Good Friday -
5- May 1 Business Day -
6- July 25 St. James (not nationwide)
7- August 15 Assumption -
8- Oct. 12 Nat. Day of Spain. Dat of Discov of Amer.
9- December 6 Constitution Day -
10- December 25 Christmas day Birth of Jesus

Alex Ubago
Name: Alejandro Martínez de Ubago Rodríguez
Date of Birth: January 29, 1981 born in Vitoria,
Basque Country.
Alejandro Sanz
Name: Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro
Date: December 18, 1968 Born in Madrid
La oreja de Van Gogh
Name: La Oreja de Van Gogh, sometimes
abbreviated as LOVG
Date: Formally Began in 1996 Band originating
from San Sebastián, Basque Country

Ronda is a small town that is on a huge cliff, it is located 100 kilometers west of the city of Málaga.
El Museo Guggenheim
It is located in Bilbao, Basque Country,
The Guggenheim Museum's modern and contemporary art.
holy Family (Sagrada Familia)
The Sagrada Familia is a large Roman Catholic church located in Barcelona, You will be surprised to know that is one of the most visited tourist attractions.
Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas is one of the world's most popular markets. It is a street in the central area of Barcelona, Las Ramblas is only for pedestrians and offers markets, shops, cafes and outdoor restaurants.
1. Omelette or Spanish (Tortilla de patatas o Española)

The omelette, also called Spanish tortilla is an omelet, that is, a "fry beaten egg" and potatoes.
2. Iberian Ham (Jamón ibérico)
In Extremadura Spain the most successful of Iberian pigs are reared. Your ham is not only national but also international success enjoyed by many.
3. Galician Octopus (Pulpo a la gallega)
It is a traditional dish of Galicia and basic in its cuisine, but their use has been widespread throughout Spain
4. Paella
It is possibly the most traditional dish in Spanish cuisine and the most successful in the Comunidd Valenciana. The cooked rice together with different ingredients according to taste, like both inside and outside the country.
Student: Herdy Favian Almanza Rivera
Group # 5
5. Gazpacho
Some considered soup and some see it more as a salad, it is certain that the Andalusian gazpacho is the best drink to withstand the high temperatures of summer.
6. roast lamb (Cordero asado)
The lamb slowly cooked over coals make this meat at home so juicy and ready. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most recognizable of the Spanish gastronomy.
Fernando Alonso
Name: Fernando Alonso Díaz
Date: July 29, 1981 Born in Oviedo
sport: Formula 1 racer
Raúl González
Name: Raúl González Blanco
Date: June 27, 1977 Born in Madrid

Sport: Footballer
Fernando Torres
Name: Fernando José Torres Sanz
Date: March 20, 1984 Born in Madrid
Sport: footballer
Rafael Nadal
Name: Rafael Nadal Parera
Date: 3 de junio de 1986 Born in Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands
Sport: tennis
Las seguidillas
The seguidillas are typical songs of Spain but also have a typical dance in particular, are typical of regions such as Madrid and the Canary Islands.
Flamenco is an art that comes in two variants: Music and Dance. In music, Singing and Guitar occupy the central role, although other instruments (percussion) and sides (like palm) which are generally present and play an important role.
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