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AL - Animal/Artificial Cognition

No description

Sarah Williams

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of AL - Animal/Artificial Cognition

Animal and Simulated Intelligence Jeremy Anderson and Sarah Williams Cognition in animals What is Animal cognition? Animal cognition is the study of the
mental capacities of non-human
animals, especially how it relates to creating a better understanding of the cognative process of humans and animals alike. what types of animals display cognition? Crows and other birds
sea mammals
...and even fruit flies! Fruit Flies Fruit Flies are demonstrative of the lowest level of cognition. CROWs & Other Birds Crows and Vending Machines
Crows and Facial recognition
Nicky Clayton and the Western Scrub jay Elephants capable of self-recognition
capable of artistic expression Whales and dolphins both whales and dolphins communicate through self-created languages. artificial cognition what is artificial cognition? "Artificial cognition lets you define words so the definitions are quantitative and operable directly - arithmetically and logically." what can we do with artificial cognition? Store and process the meaning of words
Gives computers the ability to process non-computer information other uses for artificial cognition Spam/Virus Filters
Search engines Why is lower-level modeling important? Grey Walter Tortoises
Braitenberg william Grey Walter's tortoises the experiment
Bacterial intelligence (self-awarenes of simple needs) questions? sources "The Arts of Disambiguation and Machine Cognition." Artificial Cognition, Inc. Artificial Cognition, Inc., 28 Sept. 2006. Web. 22 Mar. 2011. <http://www.artificialcognition.com/aciintro.pdf>.

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