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Education Abroad: The Student Experience

An overview of the education abroad process for a student. From University of Michigan-Flint, 2013.

International Center

on 25 December 2016

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Transcript of Education Abroad: The Student Experience

The Student Experience
Education Abroad
Has an intercultural experience that makes an impact.
Student Returns
Family hosted an exchange student
Met an international student
Traveled abroad for vacation or volunteer experience
Watched a movie or TV show that highlighted a unique place or experience
Read about a unique place
Participated in an IB program
Began learning a foreign language
Family member or friend traveled abroad
Father or mother was in the army and traveled with family a lot
Just has the bug!
Eventually makes her way to the International Center, which houses the
Education Abroad Office.
Faculty-Led Programs
Submits application(s) and other documents
Travel Preparation
Make Your Experience Count
Arrives College
Seeks out how she can study abroad
Honors Program
Walked by International Center
Study Abroad Fair
Student learns about education abroad opportunities.
, "defined as academic study in another country for credit towards a U.S. degree."
, which encompasses a variety of international travel experiences, including study, work, internship, research, field work, and volunteer service.
Reflects broader perspective of what students seek
Archaic title for types of experiences students currently seek
Internal Programs
Faculty-Led Programs
Exchange Programs
Student receives UM-Flint credits
Student pays UM-Flint directly
Financial Aid applies for credit-bearing programs
These programs are led by UM-Flint faculty or staff, are 1 to 3 weeks in length, and take place over spring break or spring/summer terms.
Student pays a program fee (which covers expenses such as housing, meals, health insurance, transportation, cultural trips) and tuition/fees (for academic credit-bearing programs).
Allows students to study for a up to two semesters at a partner university. Students register for courses and pay tuition/fees at their home campus, and are not charged tuition/fees at the host campus.
External Programs
3rd Party Provider Programs
Programs through US and Foreign Institutions
Non-UM-Flint programs
Students receive transfer credit
Financial aid may apply
External programs offer wide range of options for students who are looking for experiences that
UM-Flint internal programs do not offer.
Time of Year
3rd Party Providers programs refer to an entity which administers study abroad programs open to students from many various colleges and universities. Students pay tuition and program fees directly to the third party provider that organizes these programs. Students may be in classes with other American students from around the country or with students at the host institution.
Students apply for programs offered at other US institutions or apply directly to a foreign institution. They are considered "guest students" at the institution and complete a guest student application process.
UM-Flint Affiliated Program Providers
Exchange Programs
External Programs
Release Form
Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization Form
Health Information Form
Copy of Passport
Deposit (usually $300)
Program Fee
Airline Ticket
Documents Required
Financial Obligations
Application for Exchange & Agreement
Learning Agreement
Release Form
Proof of international health insurance
Proof of registration in the UM Travel Registry
Documents Required for UM-Flint
Financial Obligations prior to departure
UM-Flint tuition/fees
International health insurance
Airline ticket
Documents Required by Host Institution
Official Transcript
Learning Agreement
Letter of Recommendation
Personal Statement
Proof of international health insurance
Other items as required
Financial Obligations at Host Institution
UM-Flint Requirements
Host Institution Requirements
Documents to Submit to UM-Flint
Documents to Submit to Program Provider
Financial Obligations
Application for Affiliated and Other External Programs
Study Abroad Course Credits Transfer Form
Release Form
Proof of international health insurance
Proof of registration in the UM Travel Registry
Other items as requested
Application Fee
Official Transcript
Other items as requested
Program fee
Airline ticket
Personal expenses (travel, shopping, meals)
Selects a Program
With so many education abroad options, it is important that the student really thinks about why they want to go abroad. By prioritizing, this can help them narrow their options. Students should consider the following questions:
Personal goals:
Why do you want to study abroad? What do you consider to be the most important components of your study abroad experience?
What subjects do I want to study? Do I need to fulfill major, minor, or general education requirements? How will my time abroad affect my scheduled graduation? What are the languages of instruction?
What subjects do I want to study? Do I need to fulfill major, minor, or general education requirements? How will my time abroad affect my scheduled graduation? What are the languages of instruction?
What country or region? Do I prefer to live in a big city, or small city? Is there easily accessible transportation within the city or between cities in the country?
Very important to work closely with your primary academic adviser.
International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
Secure all Travel Documents
Ensure all fees are paid
Ensure you have enough funds to exchange money
Review currency exchange rates
Talk to your local bank to ensure account can be accessed while abroad
Learn about banking polices of the host country
UM-Flint Forms
Forms to program providers
Other entities
Ensure all Forms & Documents Have Been Submitted
Health & Safety Abroad
Participate in Pre-departure Orientation
Ensure you have international health insurance
Ensure you have an Emergency Card with numbers
Visit the US State Department website for up to date information about the country: Review laws of the country
Pack baggage wisely
Get required immunizations
Register in the UM Travel Registry and with the US embassy in host country
Be aware of cultural shock and phases of adjustment
Pack a first aid kit
Review the student handbook
Bon Voyage!
Talk with students from the program or others who have studied abroad
Develop a Web site for the program
Share experiences by working as a Peer Adviser in the OSA
Talk about the experience to clubs and groups, including adults and children
Work with international students
Join international organizations and clubs
Continue foreign language training
Write for The Flint Journal, or a local home paper
Continue studying about the host country by taking related courses, reading international papers, viewing films and videos, or writing research papers
Volunteer to work in the community or on campus. Help organizations that support community service and development. Look for groups working with immigrants, refugees, or the aged that can use the skills of listening, patience and empathy
Start thinking about when and how to return abroad. Some students have applied to graduate schools in the country in which they studied; have applied for funding to return abroad (Fulbright Scholarships are available for graduating seniors); have found employment possibilities while they were on the program; have joined the U.S. Peace Corps; or have just returned to visit host family and friends
Integrate the best of the two cultures. It is not necessary to give up one at the expense of another
Assessments of Education Abroad:
UM-Flint Office of Education Abroad:
Diverse options offered by external programs
Financial Aid (for eligible students participating in credit-bearing programs)
UM-Flint Scholarships
Federal Scholarships
Program Provider Scholarships
Other Scholarships through External Organizations
Funding Options
Eduction Abroad
A Visual...
Contact the Office of Education Abroad
Asinda Sirignano, Coordinator of the Office of Education Abroad
Email: agadzama@umflint.edu
Phone: 810-762-0867
Fax: 810-762-0006
Learn more...
Education Abroad
Study Abroad
If seeking
transfer credit
by Asinda Sirignano
Students use this form to gain permission from academic departments to take courses with external programs
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