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How does the shape of a parachute affect its drop velocity

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Maryam Ghafari

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of How does the shape of a parachute affect its drop velocity


How does the shape of a parachute affect its drop velocity?
Gather materials; 4 washers, 15 threads, 4 plastic bags
Cut plastic bags into triangle, rectangle, round, and square shapes.
Tie ends of strings to the holes of plastic bags and the other end to the washers.
Drop parachutes from second story balcony
round parachute took longest to land
least amount of air escaped from round canopy, taking advantage of surface area
round canopy builds air resistance and lowers drop velocity
air pushes against the canopy, and slows down the descent

Round parachute took longest amount of time.
Square took least amount of time
Newton's Laws of Motion
What is a force?
a push or a pull
magnitude, strength, or direction
without force nothing could move or stand still
can make an object speed up, slow down, or stop moving, change direction, or change shape
What is Gravity?
force of attraction between objects that have mass.
pulls things downward
more mass have more of a gravitational pull
always pulls on objects, never pushes
What is Velocity?
What is air Resistance?
path of a projectile is determined by air resistance and gravitational forces
dependent on weight and shape of object
lighter objects are more affected my air resistance
greater surface area=greater air resistance
altitude, wind, and the properties and velocity of the projectile greatly affect air resistance
friction between the air and an object
produces drag force equal to velocity squared
How would this affect the community?
object will stay at rest unless a force acts on it
object will move at constant velocity unless outside force acts on it
this principle is called inertia

force of an object depends on how much mass it has and how fast it accelerates
an increase in mass will cause a decrease in acceleration
mathematically described as F=ma
for every action there is an opposite but equal reaction
if one object exerts force on another object, then that object will exert equal force in opposite direction
two objects will fall at the same rate (absence of air resistance)
an object that is dropped will fall vertically due to the Earth’s gravitational pull
acceleration due to gravity is 9.8m/s^2
indicates speed & direction
vector and directional quantity
length indicates speed, the way the arrow point indicates direction
faster objects travel farther than slower objects in the same time period
create a lot of air resistance to make parachutist fall slowly
control the rate of descent, decrease the impact of winds, and provide stability
works on the principle of air resistance to make the descent safer by getting the air molecules to slow down
used to get medicine and supplies to places that aren't accessible
Skydiving accidents occur often and it's a dangerous sport, so it's important to find ways to lessen the death rate.
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