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No description

Amber Reynolds

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of YouTubers

by Amber Reynolds
I've heard of YouTube, but not YouTubers.
YouTubers are people who are connected to the site Youtube.com. Though everyone with an account is a youtuber, the term's main use is for a person with a large fan-base and/or uploads videos for a living.
Now that you've explained, I think I have heard of YouTubers.
Good for you! But are you a dedicated YouTuber fan, or do you just know the people at the top of the charts?
How many could you name?
Level One
Most Subscribed Channels
Level Three
Unknown Channels (Less Than 2,000,000 Subscribers)
Level Two
Known Channels (2,000,000+ Subscribers)
Cool! Is there anything else I need to know?
Actually, yes! Like 'Comic-con' there are special
conventions for YouTubers and there fans, where the
Youtubers do panels, sign things and just hangout with their
fans and each-other.
Also, there are things called "ships", which I might talk
about when I talk about a certain youtuber(s).
'Vidcon' and 'Playlist Live'

Definition and example of 'Ship'
And now to my

Note: The youtubers I show you are some I watch and have watched and I happen to kind of like, so if you could please keep rude comments to yourself, that'd be great
To the clouds!!!!!!
YouTubers 3
Matthew Gibson
>--/YouTube Life\--<
-A Youtuber since 2008, Matthew, or Matt, is from London, Ontario, Canada. He has two channels, Mattg124 (his main channel) and Mattformayor (his secondary channel), and has done collabs with Shane Dawson, Steve Kardynal, Matthew Lush and more.

(A video where another YouTuber is present)
>--/Personal Life\--<
-Matt is 22 years old, has four tattoos and had four piercings, but he took out one that was in his lip. Him and his girlfriend, Leda, have recently broken up, leaving him with his cat, Jojo or 'The Queen'. She has her face tattooed on Matt's lower right arm and his fans demand for her anytime he does a live show.
Don't be sad if it was none...
Noun: Short for 'romantic relationship', shipping is when a person takes two or more people/characters and writes stories called Fanfictions about that ship. Oftenly the ship name is a mashup of the people/characters' names.

Verb: To ship some-ship.
N: '#Troyler' is a ship of Tyler Oakley and Troye Mellet.

V: I ship #Troyler.
Felix Kjellberg
>--/YouTube Life\--<
-Felix, who is known Pewdiepie, Pewdie and Pewds, was recognized as the most subscribed channel on YouTube as of August 2013 and currently has 26,572,168 subscribers. The most amazing part is that he has only been on YouTube for three years and he has already passed the people who have been there since the beginning in 2005.

>--/Personal Life\--<
-Pewds was born on October 24th, 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He then moved with his girlfriend, Marzia, back to her home country, Italy. Recently the couple has moved to the United Kingdom with their two dogs, Maia and Edgar.
Edgar(front) and Maia(Back)
Brian O'Reilly
>--/YouTube Life\--<
-Better know as Bribry, Brian is a lesser know YouTuber with only 309,978 subscribers. He usually does a song/music video or a "To Do Before I Die"(Bucket list) video for his weekly upload, but he sometimes does a vlog or a collab.

>--/Personal Life\--<
-Bribry is a staggering 6.5 feet tall and has multiple tattoos on his arms, chest, and even one on his foot. He was born and still lives in Ireland, and is engaged to another native, Candice. Brian has a musical career with a mix of covers and some of his own songs, and his latest album is funding his wedding.
What makes these people special?
YouTubers are special because they take time out of their day to
make videos for us, their subscribers. They do this because they know that their weekly/daily video is keeping a depressed person somewhere out there alive.
What do you mean, 'keeping a depressed person alive'?
Some people with depression find these videos a way to cope.
These videos bring smiles upon the faces of people who are in the lowest part in their life and keep them from putting a blade against their wrists.
(video blog)
I doubt you can read this but if you can, go buy his EP, 'Us'. Help a lovely Irish couple have a wonderful wedding!!
Shane Dawson
>--/YouTube Life\--<
-Shane has three channels, ShaneDawsonTV (His oldest and main channel), Shane (His daily vlogging channel) and ShaneDawsonTV2 (His secondary channel, which he rarely posts on). He has been on YouTube since 2007 and has over 5,000,000 subscribers between his three channels. He does a lot of collabs and mainly does them with Joey Graceffa, whom he is shipped with in a ship called '#Shoey'.

>--/Personal Life\--<
-Shane is 25 years old and lives in LA with his girlfriend, Lisa, and their dog, Corny (Unicorn). He is actually best friends with Joey and does quite a lot with him. Shane's story is a tragic one: He was poor and obese growing up, so he was bullied quite a lot, his father was an alcoholic and left him, his brother and mother when he was a small child. Since then he has lost over 300 pounds and has made one movie (Smiley - 2012) and is making another, along with a show on NBC called "Losin' It".
Troye Mellet
>--/YouTube Life\--<
-Troye has been making weekly videos since 2011. He usually does a vlog, but every once in a while he does a singing/music video or a 'tag'
video. He occasionally does a collab.

>--/Personal Life\--<
-Troye was born on June 5th, 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa. His family moved to Perth, Austrailia in 1997. He is the second oldest of four; Steele (22), Him, Sage (16) and finally, Tyde (13). On August 7th, 2013, he made a video titled 'Coming Out' and uploaded it onto his account, announcing to his fans that he is homosexual.
(a type of video where a person does a certain thing then 'tags' three people to do it next)
And finally...

The queen himself...
Tyler Oakley
>--/YouTube Life\--<
-Tyler has been on YouTube for seven years and has over 4,000,000 subscribers. His most famous types of videos are Question and Answer, or what he calls 'Q and Sl-A-y', though he mainly does tag videos. He is in multiple ships, but the one with the largest fandom is #Troyler, which is between him and the Aussie we were just talking about.

>--/Personal Life\--<
-Tyler was born on March 22, 1989 in Jackson Michigan. He has a brother and sister, but he doesn't talk about them with his fans. His mother appears in some of his videos and he refers to her as 'Queen Jackie'. What makes the fans question #Troyler is that Tyler, too, is homosexual and acts flirtatious around Troye, but both say that #Troyler is not real.
(another name for the fan base)
'Queen' Jackie
Tyler's Mom
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