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BSU Athletic Department HR Audit

Prestige International did a human resource audit of the Ball State Athletic Department. We looked into their organization, how they recruited and selected, and how they documented. We also looked at compensation and benefits, how employees were trained

Anthony Novak

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of BSU Athletic Department HR Audit

Organization 75 Employees
No outsourcing All salaried positions
Recruitment & Selection Grown by demand
Internal recruiting used Karin and Tom do interviews
Individual interviews used
Kept in locked file cabinet
Only accessed by Karin Files kept 10 years No payroll service Karin is head HR person
Training, Development,
& Career Planning Done by University Karin & Tom answer questions Length of tenure varies on many aspects $0 Spent on training Performance Management System Salary + bonuses Jobs rated by annual performance review University determines pay Increases tied to performance Benefits Insurance is choice of employee Dependents covered State retirement
Most major holidays off 24 days of PTO
-no rollover/accum.
Performance Appraisals New detailed PA Appraisals done by Supervisors Used for communication feedback Once a year Termination & Transition Not "at-will" employer President Gora approves termination Exit "checklist" Causes for termination Recommendations Same strength & weakness No deficiencies More HR personnel GO
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