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A Portfolio Journey

No description

paul wasko

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of A Portfolio Journey

A Portfolio Story
of Discovery
Answering a simple, powerful
question to help heal a people.
Your "elders in training"
Quick facts about UAA - Anchorage
Largest university within the UA System
14,754 students (2015 fact Book)
8,726 White
1,375 Alaska Native
Largest Colleges - Arts and Sciences and Health

Alaska facts
Largest state in the Union (you could cut Alaska in half and Texas would be the third largest state)
Total: around 737,000 (2013 est)
Alaska Natives: 102,000
Largest city: Anchorage (301,000)
How could this e-portfolio project support cultural development, validation, and healing among our Native students?
Portfolio and
student engagement
best practices
Challenge: Deploy a university-wide e-portfolio effort
Procurement time frame: February 2014 - December 2014 (a multi-year contract with Digication was executed in December 2014)
Pilot: Spring 2015
University-wide roll out in Fall 2015!

Our (NSS)
Added in 2012
Academic elders
Alaska Elders
and Students
Adding chapters
to our story...
Our inspiration
Our approach!

A little about
Setting the
Brian Walker II
How will you add
to our journey....
Our work
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