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Prezi Story 2013 Feb AIT

No description

Adam Somlai-Fischer

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Story 2013 Feb AIT

Prezi makes for a dynamic, exciting presentation that leaves PowerPoint looking like something from a bygone era. Marshall Herskovitz Producer of Traffic, Last Samurai, and Blood Diamond ” “ Prezi is helping reinvent the art of presentation. Farewell, one-dimensional thinking. Welcome instead the power of inter-connection, flexibility, and the unexpected 'Aha'! Chris Anderson CEO of ” “ Prezi truly embodies what creativity is about: changing your perspective, connecting and combining ideas, thinking in non-linear ways, and creating in collaboration with others. Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Ph.D. ” “ Adjunct Faculty, Stanford Technology Ventures Program -
Lecturer, Creativity and Innovation class, Stanford d.school English Dutch Korean Japanese German it works! Incredibly intuitive
New York Times

Insanely great

Love at first use
user praise Al Gore said prezi is impressive Writing in space Immersive write a walk 22M Books on Prezi! Slide Prezi Rising star award
2nd fastest growing company
in Central and Eastern Europe region Space Presentation? please observe.... zzzz.... Monologue Frustralogue ... Left! Down! Press
shift-Q Prezi :) you write i think you think i say we see you say nirvana from these countries 15M USD investment from
Accel Ventures, Silicon Valley (Facebook's 1st investor) Collaboration many people - same prezi space Canadian Firefighter Dutch fan School kids from Singapore 90 brilliant
people today Peter Arvai Peter Halacsy Our
Startup + 50 companies secondary market globally (2009) co-Founders San Francisco Budapest & Design CTO CEO global business from HU Let's do
a tool OK ZUI small 1 200 22 000 000 So What do all these people do? Bring Ideas Prototype User test A/B test Release (daily) We learn from reality Péter Halácsy Péter Arvai (SE) change of mentality Looked up venture capital on Wikipedia
Realized we need a CEO Power is mean To change the world Power is goal Product
Quality Local
responsibility Change! Good Entrepreneur Examples good environment is
good for us too startup competitions renovation projects social change (pride) all hungarian PR there are many
we just spent on PR that is why I'm here VS Ideas (2000) logmein is a 600m $ company
volvo was sold for 1.5B Winner of the World Technology Award in the Arts with Usman Haque, 2009 assoc. TIME inc.

others who won that year: Mark Zuckerberg, president of Rwuanda, Lawrence Lessig
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