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Andrew Marks

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of ENC1102

WAL-MART It's gonna flip the world upside-down, man. It's probably going to turn you into a zombie... Or whatever that is... What IS that, anyway? There's no denying that with every Wal-Mart that's built... An entire community dies off... "Oh, No!" is right. This is called... THE WAL-MART EFFECT :o This theory explains why the surrounding population around a Wal-Mart drops an average of 59 IQ points within 3 months of construction. "The Wal-Mart Effect" says that people of normally typical behavior are often brainwashed by Wal-Mart's careless, laid-back environment. This causes people to all-of-a-sudden decide that wearing a bra is no longer necessary... Or, that it's OK to publicly pretend that you actually ARE Elvis Presley. ---------> NOT OK... After a while, the community completely loses its value of pants, and eventually some turn into midgets! ...and pirates... And also your friendly neighborhood, egg-laying, St. Patty's Day Bunny, of course. You get the point... As it turns out, however, there are actually BIGGER problems people have with this coorporate behemoth. This includes problems like insufficient Health Care; Putting small stores out of business; And that Wal-Mart off-shores it's labor, and pays unfair wages over seas. OR... How about this crazy idea???

Maybe it's not so bad! After some digging around, I found that Wal-Mart is actually one of the BIGGEST suppliers of health care in the nation! Also, it's been shown through studies, that the businesses that shut down due to Wal-Mart, are usually direct competitors-other stores that are trying to sell cheap goods. And that an equal amount of stores opened to replace the closed ones. Rather than department stores, places like auto repair and A/C companies open. Maybe a mom&pop Roast Beef joint too! And about the labor... Unfortunately, in countries like China and Thailand, people have no choice. The family's choices are to work for Wal-Mart in an air-conditioned facility with minimal physical work; work in the hot sun out on a farm somewhere; or just starve to death. Natives to these countries are THANKFUL for Wal-Mart. So, next time you get the chance to trash talk Wal-Mart... Don't. Instead, Think of this: His name is Shotzy! :) the end
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