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Ancient China: Meeting basic needs

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maryam shahbaz

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Ancient China: Meeting basic needs

Ancient China
Ancient Chinese Health
Ancient Chinese:Shelter
Ancient Chinese Clothing
Silk Process
During the Han dynasty people built their houses from mostly timber. Ancient Chinese shelter and furniture depended on the area they live in. For example, people living in the Yellow river region would build their houses out of timber and yellow earth, a yellow substance found in northern China.
Ancient Chinese people used to eat a variety of foods
they ate vegetables like soy bean, mung beans,
(these beans are mainly found in Asia), Chinese broccoli, Chinese cabbage, Chinese radish, snow peas and dried mushrooms. Some fruits they ate were oranges and melons. There choices of drinks would mainly be tea and water. They would eat limited meat while wealthy people would eat more meat and many varieties of meals. Those were just some of the foods they ate.
Peasants wore hemp, a rough material made from plant fibers. The wealthy people wore silk, soft and light fabric made from the cocoons of silkworms. There were rules for for the types of clothing such as only the wealthy could have worn silk. Different colours were used to represent different emotions. For example, red was worn to show happiness.
Silk was first discovered by Ancient China. First the cocoon were boiled. Then, the women would make the tread on their spinning wheels. Finally, the thread was sewn and dyed with berries and other natural substances.
How the food in Ancient China was cooked depended on the location. For example, food in northern China was cooked with garlic, vinegar and oil.

Tea was credited to the Zhou dynasty.

Chinese people had rules for eating such as
sitting in a particular order.
Interesting Facts - Food
Ancient Chinese Food
China is undertaking reform of its health care system. Both men and women could have been doctors. Herbalists used different plants around the environment to treat cures.

Acupunture needles were used to block pain
Plant Cures
Collecting silk worms was the first step of making silk.

next step was to boil.
Using spinning wheels, the women would make thread out of the boiled cocoons.
Natural products were then used to dye the thread different colours.
The thread was weaved together to make one strong thread.
Teasel root - broken bones, rheumatism
Mulberries - dizziness
Chinese Yam - fatigue, lack of appetite
Bugbane rhizome (a plant root) - cold, headache, measles
Wolfberries - eyesight problems, diabetes
Meeting Basic Needs
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