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AGTP Theme Park Security System

No description

Preston Le

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of AGTP Theme Park Security System

First Identification System:
3D Facial Recognition
What is it?/How It Works?
takes a picture or a video of someone and compares it to others in the data base
-comparing specific structures in the face (distance between
the nose, shape of the cheek bones, length of the jaw line etc.)

Why It Will Be Of Use
PRIMARY SOURCE OF IDENTIFICATION - a picture will be taken of the visitor at the purchasing booth, and this picture will be on the ticket
-at the admission booth, authorities will compare the picture on
ticket to the visitor, and another camera will compare the face again to the one already taken at the purchasing booth

very dependable
-3D device will allow us to get a more accurate image where the lighting and
angle will not effect the outcome of the image.

Limitations -
Changes of appearance ( weight, plastic surgery, etc.) will not matter because a new picture of the person would be taken every time a admission pass is purchased.

Potential of Being Exploited -
A mask can potentially be used to get into the amusement park but our procedure ensures that park authorities/employees will be there to make sure that there are no imposters.

Privacy -
Images of faces of a costumer will not be shared with anyone and will only be used for security purposes.
Second Identification System:
Voice Recognition
How It Works?
- a recorder captures the persons voice
-frequency patterns of the voice are analyzed then
compared to others stored in the database

Why It Will Be Of Use -
visitor's voice will be recorded at the
purchasing booth, then recorded again and compared at the admission booth

Accuracy -
visitors will step into a sound-proof booth to record voices, so the microphones will pick up clear waves of the voice and will be able to analyze them

Limitations -
sudden changes in someones voice due to sick health
-the loss of someones voice

Potential of Being Exploited -
a recording of someone else's voice may be used

-will have officials to make sure
everyone is recording their voice from their own mouth

Privacy -
will not share voices with anyone; solely for Elitch Gardens usage

Third Identification System:
Retinal Scan

How It Works? -
measures pattern of blood vessels in the back of the eye with a harmless infrared light

Why It Will Be Of Use -
pattern of blood vessels is unique to everyone, one scan at ticketing booth, another at admission

Accuracy -
considered most accurate, highly difficult to replicate a person's eyeball

Limitations -
does not function for people with cataracts or blindness

Potential of Being Exploited -
virtually impossible, difficult to replicate an eyeball and authorities will be present

Privacy -
fairly invasive, but database will not be shared
Mission Statement
ensure maximum profit and security to your family entertainment business
one unique admission pass to everyone who enters the park
ensure that everyone has their own valid admission pass
Advanced Gateway Protection Technologies

Thanh Nguyen
Preston Le
Pd. 3
Security Plan
Success Story
Sound-proof booth
3D Facial Recognition
Retinal Scan
Voice Recognition
Rod Rankin - General Manager of Elitch Gardens
"I just want to say thank you for helping our theme park with your advanced biometric systems. We used to have all of these families
use a single pass for multiple people, and it was just disappointing to have to talk to them and shame them for not purchasing valid passes. Actually, we had this one person, his name was Kovin Tubbs and he kept using his mom's pass! We had to escort him out. But now with these biometric systems, we can be sure that everyone has their own, valid pass and that the overall environment of our theme park feels safe for everyone. "
Beating The System?
if managed to beat one, still need to beat two others, and officials will be monitoring as they use biometric systems
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