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A Raisin in the Sun: Character Dreams

No description

Jennifer Norman

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of A Raisin in the Sun: Character Dreams

Walter Lee Younger (Brother)
Walter Lee grew up in the same apartment where he now lives with his mother, his sister, his wife, and his son. This small, cramped space is the best he could do to provide for his family.

Walter Lee is an astute observer of the human condition. He feels that money makes the world go round. Walter is looking for an investment to support his family in the long run, to provide for them the future he's always dreamed of. He wants to invest in a liquor store. Mama (Lena) Younger Mama's dream when she was young, was to own her own home with Big Walter. They talked about saving a little every week and buying a house.

Instead, they worked their lives away with no home to show for it.

Now, Mama is able to use the insurance money to purchase a home for her grown children and grandchild(ren). The cost, Big Walter's death. Dreams Each character in our play has a dream. We will review each character to discover, define, and see if they come true... Beneatha Younger (Sister) Beneatha, also called "Benny", is the youngest adult member of the Younger Family. She shares a room with her mother. Benny attends the local University and loves to experiment with new things such as photography, horseback riding, and playing the guitar.

Beneatha dreams of becoming a doctor during a time when women were typically nurses. She dreams of another life that has meaning and focus, while she socially experiments with two different male companions, George Murchison and Joseph Asagai. Ruth Younger Ruth is frustrated, tired, and worn down. Nothing in her life is as she hoped. She lives with her mother-in-law, her son sleeps on a pull-out sofa in the middle of a shared apartment, and they are still scrapping by.

In Act One of the play, Ruth discovers that she is expecting another baby. Full of worry and doubt, she visits a "doctor" about aborting the baby.

Her dream is to shed this life and have something better, whether it be a new home or just a change of attitude, she yearns for something else. The Younger Family The Younger family has struggled, suffered the loss of their patriarch, and shouldered many more burdens.

Now a new dream presents itself, but at what cost? What are the ramifications of their dream?
Is it right for them to want something more for themselves?

Is it really a dream realized if it is grown out of the loss of a loved one? by Lorainne Hansberry A Raisin in the Sun
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