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Air pollution

No description

luis martinez

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Air pollution

Air Pollution
By: Luis Martinez
Austin Tisdel
Erika Gonzalez
Edgar Romero

What is air pollution?
Air pollution happens when there are gases and other dangerous toxins in the air.
Worldwide impacts in China
China and factorys...
The Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution
Major impacts on the environment spread not only in one area..
What are the impacts of air pollution?
Air pollution causes lots of diseases (mostly to children)
Some of the diseases that air pollution can give are..
2.4 million people have been affected in china...
Air pollution is on the rise...
At least 40 percent of the air..
The Local Impacts of Air Pollution are...
Air pollution causes asthma which affects kids
Long term lung problem
Terrible air quality
What is Acid Rain?
The biggest impacts of air pollution.
Major factories polluting now
Air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the U.S.A, and in china it cause 1.2 million early deaths per year
Ideas on how we can help this are...
Number of factories.
Drive hybrid cars to decrease pollution
Ride bikes to work for less carbon dioxide in the air.
What will happen if we keep polluting the worlds air?
The worlds air would not be any safer to breath in
Use of masks
More toxins
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Three ways North Marion community can reduce air pollution
What is Idling?
Idling is...
Cause of deaths will increase
Help us Stop Air Pollution!
Get involved!
Conserve electricity- Electrical generation Fossil fuels,coal
Reasons for idling are...
(not realistic at all)
Laws and Regulations.
Do not idle
”In 1970 The United States Congress passed Clean Air Act(CAA) Amendments (passed in 1963) which set into motion a nationwide effort to improve the country's air quality.”
“EPA establish emission standards that require the maximum degree of reduction in emissions of hazardous air pollutants."
maximum of air pollutants in vehicle
Surveys - 3 out of 15 people care
Signs for idling
Ways YOU can help stop air pollution
Conserve energy...
Use energy efficient products like...
Consider buying electrical cars...
Choose environmentally friendly cleaners
How can North Marion 's community reduce air pollution So that we are more environmentally responsible?
Air not safe to breath in
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