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Educational Psychology Problem Based Learning

PBL presentation

richmond ang

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Educational Psychology Problem Based Learning

QED 520 Educational Psychology I
Lam Tai Wai
Ong Meng Guan Jimmy
Tan Jun Hong Ms Jia has finally come home after a long day in school. Pushing back tears, she reflected on her work for the past few days. Suddenly... She realized that she had an Educational Psychology book stored in her cupboard. Browsing through the table of contents she looked for answers to her problems. Classroom Management Personal Development Social and Moral Development Motivation Behaviorism How do students’ perception of themselves affect their behaviour in the classroom? Students’ behaviour is influenced by their perception of self formed by their interaction with the teacher.
How can a teacher help the students' cognition development in a social context
How can the teacher help the student's social development in the class? Students' academic performance can be improved by setting high expectations and providing a good learning environment
Students' social development skills can be developed by using classroom events as learning points Why is she having a tough time dealing with difficult students?
Is there substantial reinforcement on each student in the classroom? She is having difficulties due to the limited authority she possesses over the students
There are not enough positive or negative reinforcements on the students which causes them to behave in the observed manner What are the reasons that affect a student to learn in the classroom ?
The students internal motivation to learn is a major factor
The Teacher is a source of motivation or demotivation for the students in class The Aftermath Ms Jia has realized the consequences of her actions and has decided to amend her relationships with her students...
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