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Elly Gross' Life Time Line

The time line about Elly's life before, during, and after the Holocaust.

Kayla Scanlan

on 28 October 2011

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Transcript of Elly Gross' Life Time Line

Double click anywhere & add an idea Unknown Time: Umbrella Incident
Elly gets upset over an umbrella. In the future,
she realizes how unimportant that was compared
to what she would encounter in her life. Winter: "The cold never bothered us." The moms in Elly's hometown were worried that
their kids would get frostbite. Elly states that the
cold never bothered them, but standing in the
cold at the concentration camp was torture. Spring: Adalbert is born Adalbert, Elly's brother, is born when
she is 10. They were very close.
It should how important he was to her Spring: Nazis invade Czechoslovakia This is the start of all the invasions. Spring: Elly is accused of stealing chickens Elly is wrongfully accused of stealing chickens. This event show that the Jews couldn't stand up for themselves. 1942: Elly's father is killed Daddy is killed because he was a Jew. The Nazis sent prisonors into trailors and blew them up. This shows how badly the Jewish people were treated. Spring 1944: Armed soldiers force
Jews out of their homes The armed soldiers come to Ellly's home and force her and her family into a ghetto. Elly loses her home. May 27, 1944: The Jews are strip-searched Elly, her family, and all the other prisoners that the Nazis have captured are strip-searched. They are then forced into cattle cars without food or water. This event shows the pain and suffering the Jews and other prisoners recieved. June 2, 1944: Elly and her family are separated from each other Elly and her family are seperated from each other. Elly lost her family to death that day and wasn't able to save them. June 4, 1944: Elly passes out during role call Elly passes out during role call and a woman named Miri comes and helps her. That miracle saved her life, for she would have died otherwise. Summer 1944: Elly is given work Elly is given work at the camp. Her work allowed her to smuggle food to stay alive. Summer 1944: Jews from Theresienstadt arrive in Birkenau The Jews from another concentration camp arrive at Elly's camp. Elly sees how horribly they were treated- they were starved at that camp and were skeletons. August 1944: Elly is almost sent to death When the prisoners are being examined, Elly is almost directed
towards the left by Dr. Mengele. The left meant death. Elly was extremely close to the end of her life that day. Fall 1944: Sonkerkommando blows up Crematoria IV The Jews begin to show bravery. After that rebellious act, more revolts started. April 14, 1945: Elly is free! Elly's camp is liberated. The concentration camp is taken over by U.S. soldiers. 1945: Elly meets Ernest After WWII, Elly meets Ernest. They soon start a family together. March 17, 1966: Elly and Ernest arrive in America Elly and Ernest, along with their family, come to America to start a new life.
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