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Business Presentations class

Haley M

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Pixar

Founded in 1986
Was a computer graphics company owned by George Lucas
Bought by Steve Jobs and renamed Pixar Financial Growth Benefits for working at Pixar About Pixar/ Luxo Would you want to work here? Salary In 2011, Pixar's average salary is $79,382, median salary is $73,702 with a salary range from $49,400 to $165,256. Job title Salarie Graphic Designer $135,000-135,000 Animator $ 94,208-124,181 Software Engineer $53,000-115,523 Financial Analysts $120,000-120,000 Since Pixar has a great financial status and sustainable growth, it is able to pay their employees a very generous salary. Diversity in the work place/films Main Character:
Flik- Male Main Character:
WALL-E- Male Main Character:
Lightning McQueen- Male Main Character: Woody- Male Main Character:
Carl Fredricksen- Male Main Character:
Sulley- Male Main Character:
Linguini- Male Main Character:
Mr. Incredible- Male Main Character:
Nemo- Male First Female Director Male Directors and Male Characters Stereotypes within Pixar's Movies -Brenda Chapman- Director of Brave

-Fired in the middle of project

-Golden Globe experience Why not women? -In every movie Pixar has created there has been a male director.
Male Characters:
-Example: Lightning McQueen Gender Stereotypes Muscular
Work in office
Work at home Main Character:
Merida- Female HOW DO THEY DO IT? RenderMan What is Rendering? Pioneers in Computer Animation Technology and Effects 2001's Monsters, Inc.
2003's Finding Nemo
The Incredibles and Ratatouille Pixar's Newest Animated Film "Brave" Academy Award Financial Growth Office Location Emeryville San Francisco Entertainment California Comfort Game room Free food National average salary index Year Average salary
2001 32,921.92
2002 33,252.09
2003 34,064.95
2004 35,648.55
2005 36,952.94
2006 38,651.41
2007 40,405.48
2008 41,334.97
2009 40,711.61
2010 41,673.83
2011 42,979.61 Flexibility About Pixar Origins Success 1991-Agreed to make a full length feature film for Disney
1995- had it's IPO
1997-Agreed to make 5 films for Disney over next 10 years Future Summer 2013- Monsters University
Other Future projects include...
Dinosours, Human Mind, Day of the Dead Financial Summary Growth Potential Also, Pixar just realeased the newst version
of 'RenderMan', which is
a software and an application
that helps to create visual effects
and 3D animations. Nasdaq: 54.59
Range: 54.15 - 54.87
52 week: 39.36 - 54.87
Vol / Avg.: 9.55M/8.81M
P/E: 17.46
Div/yield: 0.75/1.37
Shares: 1.80B Pixar is scheduled to report its 14th movie on
June,2013 and more ahead that could help
Pixar's potential for revenue growth. Monsters University
June,2013 The Good Dinosaur
May, 2014 The Inside Out
June, 2015 Finding Nemo 2 2016 Conclusion Prestige of Pixar Diversity in the workplace Work Environment Salary of the employees Key to Pixar's Success? It has been said that Pixar succeeded where it's competition failed because of its innovation in the arts An Idea Modelling Animation Lighting WireFrame Layouts StoryBoard Visualization Script Technology and Arts What it takes Ringling California Institute of the Arts New York Academy of Art MIT Carnegie Mellon University Stanford University Pixar is known for...
Being Pioneers in computer animation.
Films like... Pixar is known for having a male director in every single movie.
The only exception being Brave, and they fired her halfway through
Pixar claims to hire talent...
So far they only see talent in male directors. Beautiful
They even have a game room
Comfortable The employees of Pixar are paid very well
They make between $53,000 and $135,000.
These values are well over the national average.
Pixar is also known for its generosity to employees.
Great benefits in addition to their salary. Would you want to work for Pixar? Pros of working at pixar -
Constantly changing roles.
Satisfaction in end product.
Well Compensated.
Employees get chances on non-Pixar projects.
Fun events.

Cons of working at Pixar -
Hard work.
Men favored in past.
Female directors absent.
Employees complain about being rushed. A Bug's Life Creativity Chance Even More Success 2006- Bought by Disney for $7.4 billionn
Located on a 22 acre facility in Emeryville, Ca
23 Oscars Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower- Steve Jobs Relaxing working environment
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