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Sweetwater Brewery Marketing Plan

No description

Corey Hart

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Sweetwater Brewery Marketing Plan

Freddy Bensch & Kevin
College drinkers
Keg washers
American Brewers Guild
Olympics in Atlanta
Unpasteurized beer
Foulton Industrial Boulevard
February 17, 1997
Kevin Becomes Family Man
Freddy Moves Sweetwater to Midtown
Broaden distribution across the globe
Develop satisfied and loyal customers who will continue to support and promote our brand
Contribute positively to our community and environment by “Keeping it Green”
The Birth of a Brewery
Corey Hart, Zaki Yusuf, Ryan Lisenba, JB Libretto, & Cheslea Davis
Begin working just above breakeven point until brand name fully exposed
Begin raising prices to those of our competitors
Offer discounts to students
Offer discounts when buying in bulk
Start with Virginia
Virginia Eagle Distribution
Hoffman Beverage Co
Expanding Locally
gas stations
convenient stores
Convey message of quality, refreshness, and health
Increased advertisemet
Tasting events
SweetWater Fest
Social media
College Road Trip
Year-Round Brews
SweetWater 420
Exodus Porter
Georgia Brown
Catch and Release series (available seasonally)
Healthy Benefits of drinking Sweetwater Beer
Growth in 2011
$19 million expansion project
115,000-square-feet of brewing goodness
500,000 barrels per year
currently distributes its products to Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.
Keeping It Green
The Fleet Grain

Management Packaging
15% Increase (2013-2014)
144,000 Barrels Sold
32% Annual Increase
Most Popular Beer
420 Extra Pale Ale
(22% Increase)
IPA (46%)
Variety Pack Tackle Box
(215% Increase)
1. Anheuser-Busch(Bud Light) Inc.
2. MillerCoors (Coors)
3. Pabst (Blue Ribbon)
Only brewery is in Atlanta, GA
Most distributors are in the south.
Sweetwater is currently sold at most Liquor Stores, Restaurants, and Grocery Stores.
Northerners consume more beer
Younger adults (21-35) are focused on quantity (primarily college students)
Older adults are focused on quality and taste of beer
high income individuals pay for quality and taste
lower income individuals are focused on cheap prices
Specific niche
Appreciation for high-quality brew
Ability to create a loyal customer
new generation of consumers has a greater appreciation of attractive packaging
Advertisements and marketing plans through the use of social media outlets
Micro brewing segment is growing
Possibility of moving from regional brewers to national brewers to international conglomerates
Economic Trends
Beer is not considered a necessity
Price of the product becomes important
Our target market restricts us to consumers 21+
Target audience is mostly 21-30 which cuts our target audience down even more
Competitors are trying to expand their product as well
Existing competition and their impact on the market
Micro brewing consumers are not brand loyal
College Road Trip
Don't Float The Mainstream
Visiting 19 colleges a year
During football season
Limited Edition College Edition Beer
Estimated $800,000 additional annual revenue
Exposure of brand across new regions of United States
Strong brand name in the southeast
Corporate goals of being environmentally friendly very popular not only nationally, but globally
Trendy and hip marketing that focuses on music festivals, broadening their consumer base
Aggressive marketing campaign with clear goals
Diversity of products
Dynamic, passionate staff and loyal customers
Strong social media connection to consumers
Broad focus
Lack of reputation in comparison to other major national competitors
More limited funds than other well-known brands
the number of craft beer drinkers is still groing in the growing stage
Philanthropic focus is very local, not as meaningful to consumers that aren't in the southeast
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