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amigo brothers

No description

erika steinger

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of amigo brothers

amigo brothers
amigo brothers
unit eq: what happens when you compete against a friend or a loved one? is winning always worth it?

Lesson eq: How does identifying literary elements help us to make meaning of a text?

amigo brothers
active reading
amigo brothers
vocabulary target word
amigo brothers
Critical thinking: evaluate
amigo brothers
react and write
Do Now: Would you rather...
a) Be the reason your best friend's dream didn't come true
b) Let your own dream slip away
Explain your response! Feel free to give an example.
What do the people in the neighborhood think about the fight?
setting a purpose
How are the boys feeling the night before the fight
Profession (noun)
A ...................... that needs special education and training.
Most students don't realize that adults in the teaching profession have been through many years of school.
Write > Is one character doing a better job than the other preparing for the fight? Cite evidence from the story in your response.
Based on the text evidence....................., I think...............................
Write > How do you think the fight will affect Felix and Tony's relationship?
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