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Nikola Tesla and his inventions

No description

joe wark

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of Nikola Tesla and his inventions

Alternating Current
The Tesla Coil
Created in 1891 Tesla coil for producing high voltage and low current with frequency AC electricity.

It was used for
1. Electrical lighting,
2. Phosphorescence,
3. X-ray generation,
4. High frequency alternating current
5. Electrotherapy,
6. Transmission of electrical energy without wires.

His early life
-He was born in july 10 1856 in Smiljan, Lika, which is now where Croatia is.

-He began his career as an electrical engineer with a telephone company in Budapest in 1881.
-After working in paris for the continental Edison company and accepted an offer to work for Thomas Edison in New York.
Nikola Tesla's Inventions and Achievements
The Induction Motor
Remote Control
His Life after Career
Hydro Electricity
Where we would be without Nikola Tesla's Inventions
Without alternating current we wouldn't be able to transport electricity longer than two miles without huge coal burning power station.
As well as seeing 500% more wires natural resources would dwindle down faster than today it would almost be impossible to get eletricity to remote places without his contributions to radio there would be no radio
Electricity itself would be much more expensive.
-Nikola Tesla first demonstrated tele automation in Madison Square Gardens in 1898.
-This was the first ever use of remote control He was hoping his technology would ultimately be used for warfare such as torpedos.
His Contributions

In his later years Nikola Tesla had a severe case of OCD and and spent his last decades living in a New York hotel, working on new inventions even as his energy and mental health faded. He was obsessed with feeding and claiming to communicate with the city's pigeons eventually in 1943 tesla had died of coronary thrombosis.
Conclusion and Legacy
Thank you for listening to my presentation and feel free to
ask any questions.
Nikola Tesla is recognized throughout the world as one of the greatest 20th century inventors as well as many films, books and documentaries made in his honor in addition there is an airport named after him his own museum many streets named after him and even a planet 2244 tesla.
Neon signs

Marconi's radio.
Tesla's radio.
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