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Nikhil Rajavasireddy

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of protists

Protists are believed to be the first organisms to ever exist!!!
All organisms that are not characterized by animals, plants or fungi.
There are 60,000-20,000 proti species that exist most of them we don't know about .
All protists are eukaryotes
This means they have both nuclei as well as membrane bound organelles.
Some protists produce sexually others asexually
Protists are very diverse
Nutrition is one of the most important things for any organism in particular protists have different ways of getting it.
One type of protist get their food by ingesting bacteria and other molecules with their membranes.
Other protists absorb food molecules using their membrane.
Like plants protists are able to to use sunlight to create food for themselves.
Another characteristic of protists is the ability to move. They move through Cila and psuedopods.
How the protists came to be:
Many scientist believe they occured as a result of the endosymbiotic theory.
Endosymbiotic Theory
This is the theory that big prokaryotic cells that engulf other cells creating the membrane bound organelles.
Deeper classification
Their are different types of protists.
An animal like protists is a protozoa
Protoza are heterophs but they are single celled organism not animals
The plant like protist are algae
Algae are mainly single celled organism but their are some multicellulare organism. Algae are considerd plant like because they photosynthesis.
The fungus type protist are called mold
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