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Deanna && Vanessa Suazo

Ethnicity Report

Deanna Suazo

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Deanna && Vanessa Suazo

Ethnicity Report Deanna && Vanessa History Suazo Family Hispanic- (Mexican)
Navajo Suazo Family Grandparents
Antonia Delgado US: Arthur, 35 Ashley Family African American Theadora
Edwardo Ashley Family Great Grandparents: Mary Brisker
Thomas Joesph Ashley
Mary Elizaeth Ashley Suazo Family Ashley Family Shirley Ashley Isreal Ashley June 13, 1923
Greely, CO. November 17, 1921
San Luis Valley, CO July 11, 1929
Omaha, Nebraska July 15, 1931
Omaha Nebraska Genaro Suazo Parents: Suazo Family: Chris Suazo October 26, 1961
Denver, Co. Ashley Family: Terri Ashley September 1, 1958
Omaha, NB November 9 Vanessa, 31 September 24 Deanna, 26 September 30 Traditions & Morals Mother raised us Christian Was taught to always help others even when we are struggling our self. Family Recipes Naming First Son after their dad.
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