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Zorbing in Latvia with ZORB.LV

ZORB.LV presents the newest moblie attractions to let for public and corporate events all over the Baltics. Gift cards are also available for using in Riga on https://sikumi.lv/Gift-Cards

Azuaz Group

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of Zorbing in Latvia with ZORB.LV

Go zorbing in Riga!
Zorb ball is a double-sectioned sphere with a diameter of 3.2 m (~10.5 ft), where an outer inflated layer acts as a shock absorber for riders placed inside the sphere. Two people get inside the ball through lateral openings and after they’ve been thoroughly secured by special straps that keep them in place, they start a breathtaking roll down from a hill. Transparence of the sphere makes the process even more exciting. You can’t imagine the feeling… earth, sky, earth, sky... again and again…
Zorb.lv offers all available types of zorbing on the whole territory of the Baltic States:

Promo Events,

Corporate Events,

Family Celebrations,

Zorb Shows,

Birthday Parties,


Stag and Hen Parties,

Welcoming Parties for Foreign

Group Trainigs
Hill zorbing open events in Riga take place round the year at Dzegužkalns. To book call (00371) 29535888 or visit zorb.lv. Just check the weather or, to be sure, call (00371) 29535888.

One downhill ride in Riga is 15.00 LVL for two persons. Check zorb.lv or order via event, gift and tourist agencies.
Water zorbing open events take place during swimming season at the Lake Babelitis. To book call (00371) 29535888 or visit zorb.lv. Just check the weather or, to be sure, call (00371) 29535888.

10 minutes water zorbing ride is 10.00 LVL for up to 4 persons. Check zorb.lv or order via event, gift and tourist agencies.
You can also order hill and water zorbing individually at zorb.lv starting from 140 LVL (+ 22% VAT) per day. This option would be more attractive for large parties or corporate events.

Order your individual zorbing events any time at the place of your choice. We provide our services all over the Baltic region (0.35 LVL/mile for a round trip). In case of hill zorbing on a hill of your choice, please mind that we can not use too steep slopes or hills covered with trees.
Zorb.lv offers both hill and water zorbs for sale. Being an official partner of one of the largest manufacturers of inflatable products in China we guarantee high quality in comparison with the majority of Chinese substitutes. An effective quality control system of this manufacture will ensure safety and reliability of your zorb.
Zorbing with us means a complex relaxation for a family, a group of friends or a company team:

Outing in a city park
(zorbing base in Riga is 2 miles away
from the Old Town),

Picnic (a charcoal grill is offered
free of charge for your BBQ).
ZORB.LV. The biggest zorb operator in the Baltics.
phone: (+371) 29535888, info@zorb.lv
check it out now
check it out now
The downhill
The downhill
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