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No description

Liam Pike

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of pro

freestyle scootering about freestyle scooters Freestyle scooters have come a long way since riders first rode Razor 'A' style decks. Nowadays, Freestyle scooter decks are usually one piece or 2. it's also dangerous Among inner city riders, using structures such as stairs, ledges, hubbas, handrails, speedbumps, and gaps. Street riders tend to get technical with tricks. Most scooter riders enjoy street to some extent, but only a small group declare themselves as focusing strictly on street riding. Street riding is also a great platform to ride as it gives the riders interesting challenges such as gaps, grind, combinations and lines that they would not normally find in a vert styled skatepark. info about the freestyle scooters BY OWAIN PIKE Australian freestyle scootering is becoming a major part of their skate park/street society. The changes of freestyle scooter riding in Australia over the last 3-4 years has been amazing. My opinion for freestyle scootering is that I think it is easier to ride on flatland. My opinion of scootering You can also get sponsored and if you get sponsored you will have to go to lots of places around the globe Canada,Vancouver scooter competition My opinion of freestyle scootering is that it looks fun and I would like to get one someday. How I got interested in freestyle scootering is because I saw a video my brother watched and I wanted to learn about freesyle scootering. the end You are welcomed in to the final scooter competition in Vancouver british Columbia. sign here.
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