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Brain in a Packet

A brain for every subject in school and business, you can be top of the class. Just put it on your head and be knowledgeable instantly.

Terique Jarrett

on 22 July 2010

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Transcript of Brain in a Packet

Brain in a Packet Features Comes in different colours One size fits all Small and easy to carry Why is it worth £100,000? It is unique There is absolutely nothing else like this on the market What does it do? Simply put the cap on you head and the magic starts instantly A brain for all the important subjects As soon as you put it on, it blends in with your head There are ones for school and ones for social life There are cables that attach to your scalp which send information to your brain Makes you the smartest in the class How much is it worth? The Brain in a packet will be sold at £70 a packet. When you buy one packet, you get Maths, Science and English free Packets Maths Science English Drama RE History Geography Food Tech PE ICT Art Music Freindship Who is it aimed at? Students Business people Anyone who is a bad communicator What makes it a new product? This is something that has never been made before, never been attempted before and never been thought of before. What will we use the £100,000 for? The £100,000 will be used to make the product and advertise it. Why is it unique? Good behaviour Does your Maths teacher have a favourite student? Do you get bored of that particular person getting all the praise? 'Brain in a Packet' will help YOU in school and everyday situations. This constructive product will help you through your tedious school life AND your congenial everyday life. It is useful Highly recommendable Romance
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