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Persuasive Writing Vocabulary- Grade 5

No description

Katie Gonzalez

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing Vocabulary- Grade 5

Why do authors use persuasive?
What do you think persuasive writing is?
What does the author do when persuading?
How does an author persuade someone?
How does persuasive writing usually end?
Authors use persuasive writing to convince or influence their readers.
In persuasive text, the author states a position and makes an argument.
Authors use special writing techniques to show the basic relationship among their ideas
Persuasive texts often end with a call to action
using repeating words or phrases
It might look or sound like this...
, and .
Lucy , , and .
How does Dr. Martin Luther King use parallelism in his famous I Have A Dream speech?
How does MattressFIRM use parallelism in their mattress ad?

Let's take a quiz...
Using comparison shows how two things are alike (or similar).
How does this advertisement use comparison?
Shows how one thing leads to (or CAUSES) another.
What do the makers of this shoe say wearing this shoe causes?
How do the creators of this commercial use causality?
In this commercial, identify an example of parallelism, comparison, and causality. Also, what is the call to action?
The call to action is what the author wants you to do after reading, hearing, or seeing their persuasive argument.
What was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's call to action? What did he want to happen after hearing his speech?
What is this ad's call to action?
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