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Brief intro to Art History

Introduction to Art History

Benny Kharismana

on 24 January 2011

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Transcript of Brief intro to Art History

A Brief History of ART unfortunately, the western version that is... Prehistoric Venus from
Willendorf, Austria
(24,000-22,000 BC) Bison.15,000-12,000 BC. Altamira, Spain Egyptian
(3200-1070 BC) god. nature. transcendent value. gods.
power. Mesopotamian (3500-331 BC)
Sumerian (3500-1750 BC)
Persian (539-331 BC)
Aegean (3000-1100 BC) Ancient Greek
(800-323 BC) GRAECO-ROMAN Plat0 vs. Aristotle aesthetic idea vs. imitation abstraction vs. mimesis MODERN ART Middle Ages
(373-1453 AD) Gothic pre-modern italian renaissance
european renaissance
rococo neoclassicism
realism Impressionism
(1870-1890) FRENCH
REVOLUTION 18th Century MODERNISM 1880-1945 post-
impressionism expressionism fauvism cubism dadaism de stijl/ abstraction surrealism bauhaus international style futurism abstract
(1945-1960) POP ART
(1960s) Op Art
(1960s) Minimal Art
(1960s) Conceptual Art
(1970s - 1980s) Raphael Sanzio. The School of Athens. 1509-1510. Byzantine Art Dark Ages wassily kandinsky
yellow, red, and blue piet mondrian Alphonse Mucha Gustav Klimt Art Nouveau Form
Function Form
Fun Form
Meaning POST-MODERN What's
Next? Contemporary? Victorian Revival? Post-modern Classicism? Computer Art? abstraction mimesis Neo-Expressionist
(1970-mid 1980s) Damien Hirst Kinetic Art Performance Art Process Art Earth & Land Art Environments Art Happening Art Body Art RENAISSANCE(1400-1800 AD)
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