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Group Presentation

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Chavelie Cruz

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Group Presentation

By: Chavelie Maria Cruz & Cristina Morales
Race Relations between Katrina and America today
Color-blind Racism
"Profit Over People"
In 2009 after a federal court decision showed that the officials knew that the MRGO would put the residents at risk since 1988.
The oil and natural gas within the pipelines caused the land to sink at a rapid rate.
a network of levees suffering from poor design and disrepair from bureaucratic bickering.
New Orleans is both a poor, and segregated city, and these factors led to loss of life
Racism within Jobs
Group Presentation
Social Class
Point of View
Social Obstacles and Equal Life Chances
White Privilege
At first we thought that Katrina was a natural cause.
Learned that officials never really cared enough about the damage that was done to the residents
changed our view on the officials, noticed that they had many opportunities to help and chose not too
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