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Why phones shod not be in school

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laura dowdy

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Why phones shod not be in school

People always want phones in school. However, they cannot everyone says. They always sneak phones school sometimes. Therefore, you can get caught with a phone. Teacher’s sometimes catch you with phones sometimes they do not catch you with a phone.
When the phone are out of battery the kids will whine if there are no plugins. Some phones blow up. That can cash the school on fire. Kids can die. Then with phones in school, there is no school.
Why phones should not be in school
By Tristen
Phones should not be in school because they can cheat on math social studies using a calculator or google. They will not pay attention because they would be playing on the phones. They will be dumb. No one will learn. If there is phones aloud in school, only the smart will pay attention.
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