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Socrative Presentation

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Terryl Mryholm

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Socrative Presentation

Using ICT and mobile devices to develop questioning, learning and engagement.
What is it, how does it work?
Lets give it a try.....
What is Socrative?
Socrative is a student response system that empowers teachers by engaging their classrooms with a series of educational exercises and games.

It is simple to use and takes seconds to login

It runs on smart phones, tablets, or computers

There is the option for multiple choice, true/false and short-answer questions.

For pre-planned activities, responses can be viewed and saved as a report in Excel.
Log onto m.socrative.com using a chromebook, phone or iPod/iPad.

Join Room Myrholm1
Multiple Choice – Self explanatory, with up to 5 possible answers.
True or False – For instant feedback to a verbal or written question from the entire class or a group.
Short Answer – An alternative to multiple choice; students have to type in a short written answer to the question.
Basic Quiz – Set the questions as either Teacher or Student paced.
Exit Ticket – Four set questions that ask students to reflect on their learning and finishing by solving a problem on the board.
Space Race – For that competitive edge. Race in teams across the board. The more answers you get correct, the further you move!
Sharing – You can share quizzes between staff or Faculties by leaving the enabled sharing box ticked. At the end when you save your quiz you will get a
which you can share so colleagues can import your quiz into their account.
Create a short 3 question quiz

When you have made your quiz, find a partner. One of you log in to Socrative as a student (m.socrative.com) and take the other partner's quiz.

Switch roles
Go to manage quizzes
Create a free account using an email and password (don't worry it's spam free and your email isn't shared with anyone!)
Go to t.socrative.com
How to create your own
Exit Ticket
Exit tickets are a great way of checking on your students' understanding as they head out the door. Gather responses on their comfort with the material as well as answers to questions you create in real time or prepare before class.
Complete an exit ticket for this session so you can see how it works and so I have feedback and can see if anyone would like any further support at a later date.
Exit ticket Question#4 : Will you try Socrative in your classroom and, if so, how will you use it?
Enter your name and wait for the prompts.

Socrative Garden -blog written by creators of Socrative with tips and ideas

Once in Go to My profile to change your room number
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