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No description

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Globalisation

How the Game will work
What is Colour My Word?
Colour My Word
Target Audience
It is suitable for the children aged from 6-10 years old.

Also for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners

Fictional client
Harper Collins Publisher

Educational Organisations
It is designed for PC, iOS, and Android users.
You are the Chosen One

You have been tasked with bringing colour and correct spelling back into Colouria after the evil Vilen has taken over the world with his misspellt words and gray scale castle
Examples of Mini-games
To expand your child’s knowledge of the English language, increase vocabulary and spelling skills, and improve hand-eye co-ordination, all while playing the game & having fun.

In each city there will be a 2 mini-game that is based on spelling and using your memory
first challenge - study how to spell
second challenge - testing your memory
at the end of the first challenge, you will receive an item that will give you extra abilities e.g. extra health,time, etc. that will help you against defeating the Mynyons and Vilen
if you lose, restart you have to restart the first challenge
Selling Points
A spelling game pitch by Elena, Oishi and Winnie
Wallykazam Magic Word Hunt
The Protagonist/Chosen One/You
The primary antagonist in the game

He must be defeated in order to finish the game and bring colour back into the world
Once he has been defeated, the game is over and the player receives an entry to go into the running to receive a prize from Harper Collins
Have a choice of 6 avatars to choose from
3 male and 3 female

Player must play mini games, and defeat the Mynyons and Vilen in order to finish the game

Players have the ability to share their progress with others on the same platform.

Players also have the ability to challenge other players in mini games, on the same platform.
After completing the mini games, the protagonist will go into battle with a Mynyon

There is one per city

As the game progresses, the Mynyons become a darker gray and their eyes correspond to the colour of the city

The battle against the Mynyons becomes harder as the game progresses as their response times become faster, and they have a higher rate of accuracy in their answers
Map of Colouria
You will go through each city to collect items which will help you defeat each of Vilen's Mynyons
Extra gaming element
It is not purely educational- has an added dose of fun!
Social aspect
Not as common in serious games
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