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To inform audience about agricultural varieties in order to sustain a food supply and become healthy

Jose Lopez

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Agriculture

Foundation Seeds Transplanting Growing seasons Forms of Agriculture Agricultural Gardening label!
Birthdate, Name, days til germination By: Jose Lopez what are you eating Hygiene and Love spend Time w Earth! Feel Great! Relax! Get Healthy Save LOTS of $ HOW? What is Agriculture Practice Cultivating Soil Producing Crops Raising Livestock Stop buying, Start producing! Mass Production Home Production Livestock Upkeep Soil Conditioning Composting RECYLE FOOD Contained Open Contained MIX AERATE Germinating READ THE SEED PACKET INSTRUCTIONS Methods of Growing Methods of watering Double Digging Raised bed Trellis Climbers Vertical Hydroponics Mary H. Cooper, Author of The Business of Drugs
specializes in environmental, energy, and defense issues. Pests Identifying Your Enemies Disease and Viruses Consequences of Pests Identifying Signs of a pest Stop Them! Aphids Broad Mites Flea Beetles Iris Borer Leaf-cutter Bees Leafhoppers Mealybugs Milkweed Bugs Phlox Bugs Snails & Slugs Sowbugs Spidermites Stinkbugs 4=lined bug Thrips Beneficial Insects Diatomaceous Earth Crop Rotation and Composting Healthy Soil Prevention Right plant in the right place Watering and fertilizing properly Anise Parasitic Wasps
Tachinid Flies
Lady Beetles Anjelica Lacewings
Lady Beetles
Parasitic Wasps Annual Candytuft Hoverflies
sHELTERS Ground Beetles Buckwheat Hoverflies
Braconid Wasps Dill Lady Beetles
Yellow Jackets
Hornets Lovage Wasps
SHELTERS Ground Beetles Marigolds Hoverflies
Parasitic Wasps How to attract them
According to the Lisa Taylor & Seattle Tilth Monarda Bees
Parasitic Wasps
Beneficial Flies Scabiosa Hoverflies
Tachinid Flies Sunflower Hoverflies
Parasitic Wasps
Lady Beetles
Tachinid Flies
Bees Zinnia Lady Beetles
Parasitic Wasps
Parasitic Flies
Bees Bacterial Blight Powdery Mildew Tobacco Mosiac Virus WhiteFlies
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