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Learning Style Study Skills

No description

Francis White

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Learning Style Study Skills

Learning Style Study Skills
Auditory Learner- Theses learners learn best by hearing.
Characteristics of the Auditory Learner
Kinesthetic Learner
Characteristics of the Kinesthetic Learner
Visual Learner
Characteristics of the Visual Learner
Study Skills for VL
Write down anything and everything
Highlight words and information
Visualize words (new vocabulary)
Use diagrams, Charts, draw pictures
Read content prior to going to class; assist with visualizing
Use of graphic organizer
Create mock tests
What are learning styles? What is your learning style?
Individuals learn through listening. These learners depend on hearing and speaking as a main way of learning.
Difficulty with reading or writing
Difficulty following written directions
Inability to read body language and facial expressions
Use a tape recorder
Sub vocalize (talk to yourself about the content)
Discuss content with others; Quiz one another
Speak new vocabulary/facts out loud;Sing them; Put to music or in a rhyme
When writing, speak to yourself prior to writing
Read aloud textbook material after hearing it in class in a lecture.
Study Skills for AL
Learning takes place by the student carrying out a physical activity.
Struggle to learning by reading or listening
Good hand-eye coordination
Prefer hands on learning
Athletic ability
Can assemble things w/o directions
Study Skills for KL
Memorize or drill while in motion
Try standing up when you are reading or writing
Use the computer to reinforce content through touch
Write down facts on 3"X5" cards with Q and A on either side. Shuffle and quiz yourself.
When using a study group, use ideas similar to those in game shows (Jeopardy) etc.
Additional Study Skills
Change your mindset
Get organized
Sit in the front of the class (if possible)
Do all classwork; Do all homework
Take great notes!!!!
Study early for quizzes and tests
Apply new study skills to learning style
Create mock tests
Create a study Group or get a Study Buddy
Use the internet for resources used by your teacher
Ideas, concept, data, and other information are associated with images.
May have artistic ability; Strong sense of color
Overreaction to sound
Trouble following lectures
Difficulty with spoken directions
Misinterpretation of words
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