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Reading as a Neuro-Physiological Process

No description

Carl Vibandor

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Reading as a Neuro-Physiological Process

Visual Factor
the child's vision as it relates to reading and the task of developing skills in visual discrimination.
" Reading as a Process"
The Brain
Neurons, the network communicators, send and receive electrochemical signals in more thousandth of a second at connection points called synapses.
" Reading as a Process"
The Ear
the ear is the anatomical organ that detects sound. Its not only acts as a receiver for sound, but also plays a major role in the sense of balance and body position.
What is Neuro-Physiological Process?
Reading as a Neuro-Physiological Process
Reading is a way of how we speak text which involves our brain that processes the message from our body.
" Reading as a Process"
" Reading as a Process"
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