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Alicia Villatoro. Motivation letter. EVS.

No description

Ali vg

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Alicia Villatoro. Motivation letter. EVS.

Art and travel
Sport and adventure
Mountain and forest
Hello!! I am

My name is

I am 24 years old

I am a young spanish volunteer and I am interested in your EVS
Research project
“Degree in Salamanca” by University of Salamanca. Research project in an investigation group, HEVEFARM, directed by Dr. J.J.G. Marín
Practices in the "Hospital Virgen de la Vega"
Practices in "Hospital Virgen de la Vega" of Salamanca in the area of radiology, Imaging Technician for Diagnosis (radiology technician)
I have studied a Bachelor´s Degree in Biology
While I was studying biology I studied a course "Imaging for diagnosis" (Radiology technician)
Afterwards, the next year I studied a Master´s Degree in Cellular and Molecular Physiopathology and Pharmacology”
Practices in laboratories
G.I.R. Bioforge
Practices in a laboratory. Protein purification, cloning, etc. Work with proteins similar to elastin. G.I.R. Bioforge (I+D) University of Valladolid
Practices doing my research project and and doing my finish work of Master´s Degree
The EVS, a great experience
Why I want to be volunteer?
Knowledge about art, mainly art and cinema
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
copy paste branches if you need more....
Because I have never been a volunteer and I think it is what I need in this moment of my life
To be volunteer is a perfect chance to improve my skills.
I think I could improve been part of your team
Working with you I will have the opportunity of being part of a great project.
I would prefert is where I could contribute with my ideas and learn new ideas and experiences
And it is a wonderful opportunity to have an INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE where I can meet people from around the world
In this international experience I can learn about other countries, other culture, other language and other points of view.
I will become a real EUROPEAN CITIZIEN
Do you want to know me?
Let´s go
I love science and research, so my personal experience is about this area
However, although I have differents hobbies and interests my career is focused in biology
I will show you
Other things...
You can see more details about me in my CV, or you can speak with me by e-mail


Reference: 2013-ES-103 EI REF.
e-mail: programaseuropeosavila@yahoo.es
Phone number: 0034 920 35 40 00

Thak you for your attention

I hope to hear from you soon

Or contact with my sending organization
"Espacio Joven Municipal de Ávila"

The End
Knowledge about science, mainly about physiology, cellular and molecular biology, animals and ecology
I am funny, cheerful and I encourage the rest of the working group
I am dynamic, responsible, committed and teamworker
From I was a child I started to love the art...
... I love differents artists and styles
I love painting
I love sculpture and architecture
I like reading and cinema
...and I like travel
What can I provide?
Proffesional life
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