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ECMP 355 Final Reflection Prezi

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Whitney Blaisdell

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of ECMP 355 Final Reflection Prezi


For our final reflection, we used blip.tv to make a video becuase it needed to be longer than ten minutes and therefore couldn't be uploaded to youtube. It was free, simple, fun, and we were even able to select what type of audience and category the video was for. Overall, it was a really good tool to learn to use.

I was first intrigued by video diaries when I watched a film on cuber bullying in Denise Morstad's EAES 201 class. Then, my friend Ben Morris showed me how to make them during our final project.

I find video diaries really simple and easy to make. It's a really neat concept to make a video diary, and I'm sure for those that do it constantly, it is very therapeutic. This semester I made two wordles. I found them really fun to out together and look at, but difficult to embed into my blog. I find that now when I read articles or novels, I wonder what a wordle would look like if it were made based on what I'm reading.
I used our Ning site to find other people's blogs, look at what we were doing each day in class, and bcome inspired by looking at other people's projects!
This is my final reflection project for ECMP 355 with Alec Couros. My aim for this assignment is to create a simple presentation that sums up most of my learning in this class. I have included most of the tools I have used in this class througout the semester, and each has a short review of how I used them and what my opinions were.
Smartboards! I happened to be living in Bragg Creek, AB and went to an elementary school that promoted the use of technology. It was one of the first schools to get a smart board, which was when I was in grade six. Unfortunately the school only had one and I can only recall using it once..but smartboards seem to be a huge part of the future. This, to me, is good news. From the presentation we had in class, I've become even more excited about using these in the classroom.

bibme Jing
Photo Story 3 typewith.me I must admit, I had twitter before this class. How it works is you post a comment or question (sometimes it can be useless things). Before I realized how it could be used in an educational setting, I often used it to promote books i'm reading or see who else has read them. I also love to post new music I find. What I hadn't known is how great of a tool it can be for educators. Alec has shown us multiple times how twitter can be used to help teachers. I found Prezi to be an overall great learning experience. It is a lot like a powerpoint for its simplicity yet is in my opinion more attractive and has a lot of more opportunities for creativity within. This is my first prezi, so if anyone has any tips or comments, please post them on my blog (where this will be posted) in order for me to correct myself in the future. Thanks! This is what I used for my blogging site. Great for blogging as I found it very easy and simple to add media such as pictures and videos. It was also easy to add links, and I think this site has more choice visually than most other free blog sites do. This tool would be great for teachers to use for blogging about their classrooms and what they are doing. This way, parents could be more involved in what their children are doing in school which has been proved to improve student success
Photo Story 3 for windows has turned out to be one of my favourite tools that I learned about from this class. I like it mostly because it gives you the ability to upload photos, narration, music, and video; and then make a presentation/video/slide show. I really enjoy how you can use so many different medias and come out with a completely different presentation each time you use it. I think that if you gave students an open assignment where they could be creative in what they wanted for a product and then recommended Photo Story 3 to them, it would be really neat to see what they came up with. Definitely the type of tool you want to use in a classroom when giving students a lot of room for creativity. I used this tool this semester for both a stop-motion video with video diaries, and for a picture/music slideshow. I think a smartboard woujld be great to use in almost any classroom setting, but more for elementary school children or for doing interactive lectures
Another way smartboards could be used effectively would be to do review quizes before an actual test. I think with the clickers, and with the stats that show up at the end it would give students an idea of how much they need to study before the test, and the teacher a good idea of where students are at and what they need to work on Smartboards edublogs would also be a great way to get students blogging. They could blog about their progress with certain assignments. I also think it would be cool to get students in an English class to publish their favourite stories, essays, or poems. This way, other students and friends can provide feedback. Video Diaries I think video diaries would be a great lesson tool to use in a drama setting. I think it would be neat to have a production team each make a video diary of their most important parts, and post them on a ning or online site. That way, other students and the teacher could make positive comments and constructive criticism. It also enables students to see their own performances and critique themselves. Goodbye! I really liked the use of the ning for our class. I think it provides a feeling of community and spirit in a class setting. I got to know some students more, and was able to look and comment on other work. As a teacher I think creating a ning would be neat for any class. In a visual art class, it would be a good idea to have a ning set up so that students could post their art in order to get feedback from others. Another art teaching idea would be to have students make an online scrapbook or blog which would be part of the ning. Students would have to take photos or scan their work in. The blogs and comments students give one another could be part of the critical component of the arts ed curriculum (which is very important) I think this could be used for almost any subject--but since I'm arts ed and therefore think about the arts constantly, I do feel that this is a really neat tool to be able to load drama productions or art tutorials onto. blip.tv Hello! Just to keep for my own use later on, I have also included lesson ideas on how I could use each of these tools in my career as a teacher. I apologize as I am in arts ed and think constantly of lesson plans for English, art, and drama. Therefore, most of the ideas that I have are based on these areas. I think wordles make great teaching resources. The first time I made a wordle about my blog, it made me think about what words I use the most often when I type. I think that wordles would be a wonderful tool to use in English classes to get kids to think about their vocabulary when writing stories, essays, or poems. Wordle! Twitter AS an educator, this is a really cool resource to connect and share with other teachers! i really look forward to when I am teaching, and can have a network of teachers who are passionate enough about educating to post some ideas, or ask questions that I can help answer! BibMe is a really useful site. How it works is your find your resource/ cite, and type in the information as it tells you to. Then, you pick your format (MLA, APA, Chicago...) and it formats your bibliography perfectly! At first I thought to myself, "Hmmm..is this actually something I would promote to my students?" And then I figured, "Why not?" I consider myself a good student, yet I know how to format a paper in MLA style by heart and not how to cite in MLA by heart. I want my students to focus on their critical thinking and writing skills when they write a paper, and not on memorizing information that is essentially useless to memorize. Of course they will lose marks if their formatting is unprofessional and not in proper format; I just don't see a point in holding back a resource that will help them do that. typewithme (www.typewith.me) is a tool that lets you collaborate with others live on a document. It can be a little bit chaotic at times, and I don't think I would recommend it for doing a group written assignment. I would, however, definitely recommend it for sending ideas back and forth with a partner or group. I think that this is an amazing resource to be able to use in schools and enhance critical thinking and discussions. In my opinion it would be useful to use for what Alec did during the review class which was to ask a question and write it down, then let other type beneath it. It would also be good for elementary school kids to collaborate ideas and brainstorm together. (useful in almost any class setting) googledocs allows people to go onto a document and write something, save it, and then others can access and work on the same piece. I have seen a couple surveys done on googledocs and they were both neat. Google also recently updated and now has the live ability that typewith.me has, so people can collaborate together if needed. This is an awesome place for collaborating with partners. I feel that with googledocs, partners can work on an assignment together without meeting in person because it is so fast and you can see what each person is doing. I personally believe that saving the file and then letting someone else edit and work on it is a better idea for projects and assignments because it is more organized and less chaotic. I used a free trial of Jing to create all of the videos in this prezi as a demonstration. That was my first time using it and I LOVED it. What a great tool for teaching technology! Anytime I know someone who has problems with computers that I have an answer to (that will actually never happy unless it's something included on this page) I can help them so easily now!! www.jing.com
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