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Olepoints: Project presentation for investors

Olepoints Equipo

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Olepoints

NO catalogs NO Cards Traction Competition Short-term goals: USE of the money Developing and consolidating working team, technical team, customer support and sales team

Patents and Brands: European and Worldwide

Advertising and Marketing

Developing technological structure: servers,
communications, suppliers and security. Longs-term goals Banks/financial
institutions Payment
Systems Web
Portals Telecommunications
companies Business Model A points-based promotional and customer loyalty tool geared towards all types of businesses, regardless of their size or activity where PAIN is the Free Points Transactions directly through your cell phone ? Conventional loyalty systems are not very effective: Product Team and with these points,
I can make new purchases NO expiry date We are a committed team
willing to fight for what we believe "The only thing I can say is that they take up space in my wallet. We're overloaded with these plastic cards." Co-founders CIO More than 20 years of experience in the IT, Internet and new technology industry.

Founder of numerous Internet portals and developer of numerous ideas: info-invitation (†1996) (electronic invitations for weddings, baptisms and first communions), Valencia's America's Cup Portal (†2007) (America's Cup 2007) and Paginas902 search engine among others.

For the last 8 years, David has been the CEO of IBS_technology, a company specialized in the development of Internet and new technology projects, participating in the majority of said initiatives (portals, intranets, extranets) and the set-up of online stores David Espí Now when I buy something,
I get Olepoints... welcome to Where other points fall short COO Jordi Zaragoza Diploma in Labor Relations - Masters degree in Occupational Health and Safety (Auditor) - Master of Business Administration - Executive MBA

Extensive experience in business management and marketing, in leadership roles and in project management. Partner of: Pymeralia S.L. and Deltapreven S.L.

Consultant and trainer for: Telefónica Soluciones, BMW Mini Keldenich, ING Bank, Valencia Bar Association, Valencia Pharmacists Association, Valencian Association of Innovative Businesses, numerous business and retailers' associations of a variety of municipalities and cities, chambers of commerce, Valencian Region Tennis Federation and the University of Valencia, among others It is difficult to capture customers and build their loyalty in this excessively saturated market Elevated cost of advertising and marketing "The customer has points cards from a variety of establishments, each having its own points system: different expiry date for points, catalogs, conversions ... In the end, customers get tired of all the cards without exploiting the full potential offered by the points system." summer 2012 HTML / CSS / PSD / AI / IDD 3 years of experience working on development teams and web-based projects Expert in illustration, design and communication Patricia Puig Communication Manager
& Designer 10 years of sales experience Liaison with companies, groups, associations, large accounts, etc. Juanjo Vericat Business Agent "Able to manage and organize teams. Multidisciplinary profile." "Highly trained person born in the wrong place" Business Development Manager "An eternally dissatisfied young entrepreneur who creates value" Finance - Income Software Management
and Development Other sectors and firms that may be interested in Olepoints Large companies that might be interested in the project 1,400 employees
354,000 customers
23 branches
250 value-added partners Source: http://www.ciao.es/Tarjeta_Doblecero_El_Corte_Ingles__Opinion_1557312
Author: Nadine88 (Patricia) sobre la tarjeta "Doblecero de El Corte Inglés" "In short, there is no problem with them, or rather there is: each ends up being yet another card to add to our wallet." (...)To become a member of Fnac and get the card, you have to pay €15. But it's only valid for two years, at the end of this period you have to renew it. (...)I guess it's good that they give you points according to the purchases you make and that they send you more offers, but I don't think it should be called a loyalty card if you have to pay for it in advance. " ( …) if you start adding up all the cards, instead of needing a wallet you end up needing an A-Z file organizer. You have one from the shopping center, from two or three gasoline stations, the building store, the one from the now-defunct video store, the one from the furniture super store, the ones offered by AVE and Iberia and VIPS...not to mention those all-purpose cards that accumulate points from a variety of establishments towards discounts on trips or similar purchases. No more! I can't take anymore cards. (…)” Source: http://www.elblogsalmon.com/marketing-y-publicidad/el-abuso-de-las-tarjetas-de-fidelizacion
Author: Ángel Medinilla - "el abuso de las tarjetas de fidelización" "( …) In principle, they recommend cards that do not have maintenance costs and those that do not entail large expenditures to obtain points that can be redeemed for products and services. ( …) In the case of BP each liter you purchase is equivalent to one point. The accumulated points can then be redeemed for gifts. However, it takes a long time and you need to purchase a lot of gas to get a gift. For example, to get a coffee maker valued at 1,000 points, you need to spend €880 (if we assume that the price per liter of diesel is €0.88). If a customer spends €60 per month on fuel, it will take them 14 months. (…)” Source: http://www.finanzas.com/noticias/economia/reportajes/2009-04-27/160541_tarjetas-fidelizacion-son-rentables-estorbo.html
Author: Cristina Casillas - "tarjetas de fidelización: ¿son rentables o un estorbo?" International presence
Use of SMS Leading Spanish company in the Information Technology and Defense Sectors.
Sales of €2 billion (pro forma sales).
They could be interested in incorporating Olepoints as a payment system. Private cards from the companies themselves What do customers say about customer loyalty cards? Milestone Sussess Stories Company Jugueteros Asoc. de Cataluña
acm! Monzón y Comarca
P4P Paper 4 People
NCS Informática Available in more than 20 municipalities of the Valencian Region
30,000 customers and users Asoc. de Com. de Benicarló
Asoc. de Com. de Burjassot
Asoc. de Com. de Picassent
Asoc. de Com. de Ibi Grupo Premium
Drivania 25 years of experience
450 business customers Siroco
C&P Revenue of €16,339 billion(2011)
51,6 million passengers
56,782 employees
149 Aircraft Clínica Baviera
Barceló Hotels & Resorts
Melia Hotels International Fnac
El Corte Inglés
Inditex Worth $7.8 billion. 35 million registered users.
Might be interested in offering the Olepoints system to their customers A workforce of 20,000 people and 620 million daily visitors. Last year, Google Inc. earned $37.9 billion.
The Olepoints system suits the range of products and services offered by the company, e.g. Google Wallet. Invests more than €2 billion per year, mainly in infrastructure and advanced services development.
As one of the world's leading telecommunications operator, Movistar might be interested in adopting Olepoints as its points and payment system (digital wallet). No plastic (PVC) or paper cards Most customer loyalty schemes are subject to a restricted catalog of products/gifts Points are not lost, and do not expire an open system between businesses subscribing to Olepoints platform (regardless of type or model) 1 Olepoint = 1 Euro Integrate with MONTH GROWTH IN
PER BUSINESS February March April May June 0,00% 33,17% 8,18% 8,04% 12,72% 10 16 15 12 10 1,41 € 2,96 € 3,70 € 5,30 € 7,63 € Key Accounts: Periódico La Vanguardia (newspaper), Casa del Libro, Caprabo, Shopping Centers and Business Associations USERS 0,15 € / Transaction BUSINESS 3 Transactions / day
0,15 € / Transaction BUSINESS -
Average of 3 Olepoints Pessimistic Realistic Optimistic Are you crazy? 1,000 Businesses 90,000 Op/month 13,500 € Billing/month 10,000 Users 30,000 Op/month 4,500 € Billing/month The user spends points 3 times per month 10,000 Users 20,000 Op/month 900 € Billing/month The user spends points 3 times per month 10,000 Businesses 900,000 Op/month 135,000 € Billing/month 100,000 Users 500,000 Op/month 75,000 € Billing/month The user spends points 5 times per month 100,000 Users 300,000 Op/month 15,000 € Billing/month The user spends points 5 times per month 300,000 Businesses 27,000,000 Op/month 4,050,000 € Billing/month 1,000,000 Users 10,000,000 Op/month 1,500,000 € Billing/month The user spends points 10 times per month 1,000,000 Users 10,000,000 Op/month 300,000 € Billing/month The user spends points 10 times per month 1,000,000 Businesses 90,000,000 Op/month 13,500,000 € Billing/month 10,000,000 Users 200,000,000 Op/month 30,000,000 € Billing/month The user spends points 20 times per month 10,000,000 Users 200,000,000 TXN/month 6,000,000 € Billing/month The user spends points 20 times per month Each company's loyalty card has its own objectives and policies Source: http://www.ciao.es/Tarjeta_Fnac_Fidelizacion__Opinion_1192344
Author: Pedroemilio (Pedro) sobre la "tarjeta Fnac" The company has a workforce of around 190,000 workers worldwide, 100 million customers, 14,709 branches and 3.3 million shareholders around the world.
Santander might be interested in adopting Olepoints as its points and payment system (digital wallet) This company provides technological solutions for the travel industry. It has a team of more than 6,500 people, and is used by 67,000 travel agencies and has 10,000 airline sales offices throughout the world.
Amadeus might be interested in adopting Olepoints as its points and payment system (digital wallet) active users 25 have already every day More than 55 registered businesses 650 More than 1700 More than issued Olepoints 50% approximately have been passed on to users 4 An average of operations involving sending/receiving
of points taking place and of the Olepoints issued, Business
development Platform
development API connection for all kinds of platforms and technologies Start and develop Professional platform. Mobile Version: Android e iOs "Small and medium size businesses do not have a clear promotional or customer acquisition policy; in some cases, businesses take no such actions at all." "Marketing and advertising campaigns in the different media platforms require considerable investment that has a very low ROI. This discourages companies; they do not trust these channels, to them, they do not inspire much confidence" Development of advanced functions for the Business platform (management of promotional and marketing campaigns) and User platform (integration of a range of social functions: rate and review companies, favorites, my friends, etc.) Develop work team and technical-technological infrastructure. Define and implement a marketing and advertising strategy Provide sales coverage (network) and support for all 52 provinces, covering the entire country. (img Map of Spain with pushpins) To earn more than €80,000 To have five leading companies implement Olepoints in their customer acquisition and loyalty strategy Integrate and manage Standardization: turn Olepoints into a Oleteam European countries bitcoins R&D&I payment gateways and ATM network lovemark Internationalization: outsourcing to ;Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland... Florists, Restaurants, bookstores… 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter 1st year Nº of businesses Nº of Users Billing Expenses Profit 30 300 450 € 7,630 € 7,180 € 80 800 1,200 € 7,530 € 6,330 € 555 5,550 8,325 € 11,980 € 3,655 € 1,455 14,550 21,825 € 19,180 € 2,645 € 4,660 46,600 69,900 € 143,660 € -73,760 € 118,930 1,189,300 1,783,950 € 1,095,780 € 688,170 € 360,250 3,602,500 5,403,750 € 1,463,400 € 3,940,350 € Cumulative profit and loss: 4,554,760 € Cost Structure Revenue Structure Servers and Clouds Text Messaging (SMS) Communications Technology
Providers Advertising campaigns Communication e-Marketing Marketing and
Advertising Call Center Administration Major accounts - Projects Staff (regular staff) Technical Team 1% Points Refill 1% New Points From commissions via the platform Subscription, Pin Code and Notifications Sending points and campaigns From SMS text messaging CPC Text Ads CPC Graphic banners SAS Service Others Customer Segments Businesses and Establishments Users
(aged 16 to 99) Diversified
Market Companies and Professionals with staff under their charge Segmented
Market ERP y TPV Portals and websites technology
integrators Technology
Providers Task Force - Brima Investment - Alkanza Social media -
Esteban Rodrigo Content
Providers Key Partners Banks - Data phones
Virtual POS's Relationships Customer Service and Support Center Account Managers and Personal Consultants Auto-generated via website Channels Customer Service
and Support Sales Force Website and Social Networking sites Word of mouth Key Activities Key Resources System technicians Customer Service
and Suport Project's Manager Programmers and
designers Platform Users Business Professional Value Propositions All-in-One Points System E-mobile Payment Method Free points promotion and loyalty platform E-mobile Payment Method Payment system and e-mobile expense control system for company staff and professionals Closed Olepoints platform for major accounts and groups Olepoints solution for the management of purchasing groups VerticalSolutions OLEPROPERTY GROUPBUY Olepoints
universe Ole ADS Summary I can pay using
my cell phone Easy, fast, efficient,
convenient and safe It's an awards system
and customer loyalty
system all in one It allows me to create
marketing campaigns
and actions Everything is done
via my cell phone,
no extra charges billed
by my cell phone company Under the supervision and development of a consolidated team of highly qualified professionals who are fully engaged in the project Thank you for your attention PHP / HTML5 / AJAX / JAVA / .NET 5 - 10 years of experience Experts in development of web-based platforms and environments Luismi Salina & Carlos Pérez Senior Web Developer - Ole SAS 902 530 016 www.olepoints.com A payment system
for my business Innovative, high-tech
and very attractive Finance received Olepoints Source: http://www.ciao.es/Tarjeta_Sephora_de_Fidelizacion__Opinion_1198707
Author: SILENT_HILL (Olga) sobre la tarjeta "Sephora" Create a multidisciplinary team for research, development and innovation in markets where Olepoints has been implemented. Shopping has never been so much fun. 2nd year 3rd year Agradecimientos especiales:

A María Vicente y a todo el equipo de ALOS idiomas por su rapidez y profesionalidad.
A Adrián Valero de Loeber & Lozano Abogados por los buenos ratos y charlas sobre Olepoints en el bar Galán.
A nuestro Antonio del Bar Galán por servirnos esos cafés y cervecitas cuando lo necesitamos
A todos los amigos a los que hemos sometido a ser beta-Testers de esta presentación.
Y a todas nuestras familias que nos han apoyado y soportado en estos días tan duros. Equipo Olepoints
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