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Daryl Antwi-Safee

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Vegetarians

Coping with Changes in Consumer
Demand Vegetarians do not consume meat but there are different types

Different reasons for being veggie from health to religion

There are 3.5 million in the UK, a 50 % increase since 2009.

Mainly behavioural and psychographic segmentation.

Motivations- Primary to Dormant

7% of AB and C1 socio-economic group claim to be vegetarian opposed to 3.9% in D socio economic group (Mintel 2012)

The hospitality industry needs to accommodate this trend! (FSA 2012) A
Stereotypical Vegetarian


Health conscious

Aged between 20-34

AB and C1 socio- economic groups

Greater financial security

Higher level education

Lives on their own

Lives in London

(Mintel 2012) The Market & How The Hospitality
Industry Is Accommodating Consumers Like Lucy CHIPOTLE
Casual Dining Restaurants ISSUE: Eating out operators need to ensure that their new menu additions stay ahead of trends" (Mintel 2012)

ISSUE: Vegetarians want more variety (FSA 2012): CHIPOTLE has a vegetarian option for each taco, burrito or salad that is on offer to meat eaters (CHIPOTLE 2012)

SOLUTION: They include vegetable based rennet in their cheeses and vegetarian sauces and sides on their menu (CHIPOTLE 2012)

SOLUTION: CHIPOTLE now offer a Tofo range suitable for vegans as well as those looking for exciting new tastes (Chipotle 2012)

BENEFIT: Voted the most vegan friendly casual dinning restaurant in USA (Peta 2012) WAGAMAMA'S
Casual Dining Restaurants
Building Consumer Confidence ISSUE: vegetarians are sometimes unsure or lack trust of what's in the food they consume (Mintel 2006)

SOLUTION: Clearer Labeling and symbolisms reassure consumers (Shani & DiPietro 2007)

WAGAMAMA'S EXAMPLE: Many chain restaurants now have symbol keys within their menu's : (V) (Catersearch 2012)

BENEFIT: This reassures vegetarian consumers and also clearly highlights the amount of options on the menu suitable to them (Mintel 2012) Vanilla Black, London
A Solution To The Bored
Vegetarian In Fine Dining ISSUE & SOLUTION: Trendy vegetarian restaurants are popping up all around the London areas now there is significant demand to appeal to bored consumer like Lucy (Timeout 2011)

Vanilla Black: established in 2004 is one of the finest Vegetarian restaurants in London (Time Out 2011)

EXAMPLE: They aim to re-define being vegetarian with innovative and and experimental dishes even appealing to meat eaters (Vanilla Black 2012)

Sophisticated,fresh and healthy dishes in a sociable setting is everything this consumer wants Meat Free Retailers
Sales Forecast The Future American Diner Study finds that 23% of consumers are eating more meatless entrées than they did a year ago. Meanwhile, 40% of non vegetarians say they sometimes order vegetarian or vegan menu items just because they sound good (Catersearch 2010)

There is significant demand for more chain restaurants that just offer vegetarian options to enter the UK market (Mintel 2012)

Vegetarianism is set to grow with increased health concerns and media pressures to look good (Mintel 2012) Benefits Of Coping With This Change in Consumer Demand POTENTIAL REVENUE: 12 % of guests say they are vegetarian (Mintel 2012)

PROFITABILITY: Vegetarian dishes can be up to 50% cheaper to produce. Also 50% meat products carbon emissions occur before the food leaves the farm gate (Roker 2009)

GOOD PUBLICITY:The Vegetarian Society + PETA


COMPETITIVENESS (Big Hospitality 2012) References Vegetarians Content Aim: to example and analyse how the hospitality industry is coping with this change

Quick recap on consumer theory

Quick recap on a Vegetarians profile

What vegetarians want from the industry

How different sectors within the Hospitality industry are changing to meet vegetarians needs

Benefits to the industry by accommodating this change

The future MEET LUCY Recap What does Lucy want? This segment is set to grow rapidly due to increased health concerns and the recessive economic climate

Hospitality operations will be purchasing some of these meat free products

Therefore more meat substitutes will be incorporated into restaurant dishes in the future

(Mintel 2012) Lucy WANTS to have similar options to her meat eating friends

Lucy WANTS clear ways of identifying vegetarian options.

Lucy WANTS variety

Lucy WANTS to be able to socialise with friends.

Lucy may WANT quick service to suit her busy working life

Lucy WANTS healthy options

The Pub Sector Using Quorn § Video of Maoz Vegetarian Fast Food Chain

<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/26954107?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;autoplay=1" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> Fast Food Restaurants
McDonalds goes Veggie in India! 40% of Indian Nationals don't eat meat

McDonalds adapt their range to meet local demand.

BENEFIT: Portrays good morals by understanding ethical and religious considerations ISSUE: Many vegetarians still want similar textures and tastes to that of meat (Mintel 2011)

SOLUTION: Quorn a meat substitute manufacturers appeal to aims to help the increasing demand in restaurants for vegetarian food (Quorn 2012)

EXAMPLE: The Hungry Horse Pub food chain have dishes such as Quorn Spaghetti bolognese on their kids menu (Hungry Horse 2012)

BENEFIT:The pub industry is increasing it's use of Quorn as it is quick to cook and cheap to incorporate (Catersearch 2011)

BENEFIT: Quorn claim it will enhance a menu and increase profitability. Majority of the UK population don't "love meat"

Vegetarian dishes should appeal to meat eaters as well

A massive potential market

The industry must appeal to this segment by finding solutions to the problems change can create Double baked Ribblesdale souffle Street view of Vanilla Black ISSUE: Vegetarians and vegans expect animal friendly products not just on menu's but in their hotel toiletries as well

THISTLE'S SOLUTION: Over a quarter of The Thistle Hotels group menu is vegetarian from chickpea Singapore noodles to a spinach curry (Thistle 2012)

5* Hotel Scarlet built in 2009 in Southwest of England doesn't use any animal tested products such as toiletries (EcoLuxHotels 2011) Vegetarian Friendly Hotels Thistle's Inventive spinach Curry Hotel Scarlet, Cornwall CHIPOTLE'S Bean Burrito
BBC NEWS 2012. McDonald's opens vegetarian only restaurant. Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19479013

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The Scarlet Hotel, 20120. Welcome. Available at: http://www.scarlethotel.co.uk/scarlet.asp Ethical Liberty of London Toiletries
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