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Behavior in the Work Place

No description

Rebecca Lant

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Behavior in the Work Place

While you may have many questions or concerns at work, it is important how you present those thoughts to others.
Before you say a word, what you wear already tells a person a little about you. It is important that what you wear reflects you well and is appropriate for the work place.
Your First Day on the Job!
Behavior in the Work Place
It is your first day on the job, and while this is an exciting time for you, there are still some things you may be a bit unsure about.
From attire to etiquette, this presentation will help clear up any misunderstandings and make sure your new job is an enjoyable one!
But wait, I don't want to look boring at work!
And you don't have to! There are plenty of ways too look exciting and fun at work without drawing negative attention!
Just because the stereotypical work wear is gray-scale doesn't mean you have to dress that way.
Quiz time!
Look at each woman and let us know if you think they are work appropriate!
No jeans and especially no yoga/sweatpants!
No! Again, too much skin.
No! too flashy
No! too flashy and wearing jeans.
Yes! both of these women are ready!
Besides attire, how you treat/act around other workers is important.
Is important to treat others respectfully and not talk down to anyone. Even if you do have a legitimate question, how you phrase it makes a difference.
Don't talk to others how you would talk to a child or a pet. Co-workers are not children or pets.
Use your inside voice! Although this is your normal voice, maybe its just a tad bit too loud. Try to tone it down and not disturb anyone else who may be trying to concentrate.
Keep you cellphone off or on vibrate! Cell phones are a huge distraction. Having them constantly ring or beep is an office annoyance. If you have a phone call do not take it in the same place. Remove yourself and go outside.
Be sensitive to other cultures/races. Do not make assumptions about anyone based on their culture/race.
Be punctual! No one in the office will appreciate you coming in 20 minutes late to a meeting.
Be self-efficient! No one wants to baby sit you on what you are suppose to do. Own your work and be on time for deadlines.
Do not be excessively chatty! Chit-chat is fine, but if you are talking all day long at work about non-work related material, it can be an annoyance to others who are trying to concentrate.
If you are sick, do not come in! No one wants to hear you cough and sneeze all day and they especially do not want to catch what you have.
Be wary of "gross" behaviors. Don't come to work expecting to make friends when you are picking your nose and clipping your nails on you desk.
Don't touch! She may be 6 month pregnant but that does not mean you can go up and touch her belly. Be aware that not everyone wants to be touched.
Make sure if you borrow someone stuff, to give it back. Do not be the office thief.
When in doubt think of the old saying "treat those how you want to be treated." If you don't like people smacking their lips when they eat, don't do it yourself. If you don't like having your food swiped from the fridge, don't do it to others.
How you act in the office shapes how people think of you. If you are a respectful and helpful person those attribute will shine through.
Office behavior Video
Flip flops, Uggs, and party shoes are not meant for the work place. Even if flip flops have a wedge, they are still not appropriate. If you want to wear a sandal shoe, try for peep toe shoes.
While fashion keeps changing, it can be tempting to experiment. At work, try to keep it simple and experiment with fashion in your free time.
Appropriate vs Inappropriate
While we all want to look our best, try to stay away from being too provocative. This means that there should not be excessive cleavage or too much skin showing. Keep it professional.
Stay away from low cut dresses, shorts and skirts.
Try not to be too loud with your accessories. If it looks like you can bring it on a night out, it is probably not appropriate.
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