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Truisms--take two!

No description

Kayla and Stephen Briseño

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Truisms--take two!

Everyone needs someone to lean on. Leadership can be lonely. Love can be risky. Time flies when you're having fun. TRUISMS When writing truisms
ask yourself:
Is it true for everyone?
Is it a life lesson?
Does it go with the picture?
Write one truism for each photo. Statements about life that are true for everyone, they show something true about the world and how it works. Other important questions:

Am I describing the picture?

Am I telling people what to do?
IF I AM, IT'S NOT A TRUISM! Write these truisms down.

Love can be painful.

Some things are worth fighting for.

In life, there are many adventures.

Everyone has secrets. Homework: Create a Truism

1. Choose one of the truisms and draw a picture that can go with the truism you chose.
2.Write the truism somewhere on the picture.
3. Write a 3-4 sentence memory that can fit with the truism and the picture. Your truism goes here. Ex. The man looks scared of whales. Ex. You need to face your fears. "Sometimes you need to relax." --Marcos
"Everyone needs a rest." --Annie
"Sometimes you feel powerless." --Aaron
"People need rest in order to be stronger again." --Harry
"Sometimes rest can be relaxing." --Jo-Jo "It's hard to be a loner." --Harry
"Friendship is important." --Jack
"Sometimes being different is not so bad." --Marcos
"You may feel different, but you can still make friends." --Aaron
"Sometimes you feel lonely." --Annie
"It's ok to be different than others." --Tony
"Sometimes you can't get olong with others." --Max
"Being special is not always good." --Nancy
"Sometimes you can feel alone, even though you are surrounded by a lot of people." --Marcos
"Sometimes being alone isn't fun at all." --Jo-Jo "Age is only a number." --Aaron
"Old people are not always boring." --Harry
"If you have love, you don't need anything else to smile." --Marcos
"You're not too old to do different things." --Max
"It's fun to get older when you have love." --Jack
"It is good to have a partner." --Jo-Jo
"Every age of life can be romantic." --Max
"You can feel happy even when you're old." --Aaron
"You can't live without love." --Jack
"Love can be with you forever." --Nancy
"All kinds of love is possible." --Max
"Love is like oxygen." --Mrs. Briseno
"Who cares if you're old, if you have love, you can be a kid again." --Marcos
"Nothing gets in love's way." --Aaron
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