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I am Jacob Nandan

No description

Jacob Nandan

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of I am Jacob Nandan

I am Jacob Nandan
by : Jacob Nandan
Thus, I am Jacob Nandan.
I am Canadian, as I live in one of the most diverse countries in the world, Canada.
Not only do I play Football, as I play a little bit of baseball, as well.
However, I do not play the Canadian sports of hockey/lacrosse, as I dominantly play the American sport of Football.

However, I also have my own family.
I have a team, which is for both school & outside of school, which consists of beings I call my teammates.
I am a.k.a
, as social media takes a part in my daily life.
Although I am an athlete, this does not mean that I do not set goals for myself beyond the football field.
I am not your typical high school "jock" nor am I a "nerd", however I maintain on the honour roll as a student athlete.
Although majority of my time is spent at school, at the gym and at the field, I still manage to make time for other things in my life.
With my work ethnic & passion towards what I love, I know I will end up where I want to be in life.
I have dreams to go beyond high school with this sport, however football is not my only goal in life, as my main goal is to be overall successful.
Although most athletes tend to watch what they eat, I do not, as I eat whatever I please.
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