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Collaborative Google Homework Calendars

No description

Martin Thomas

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Collaborative Google Homework Calendars

STEP 3 STEP 2 A CLOUD-BASED STRATEGY DESIGNED FOR K-12 SCHOOLS Collaborative Homework Calendars CREATE ACCOUNT(S) - Make an account for each grade.
- Develop a naming convention.
- Access limited to webmaster. - Create an account for each grade level.
- Each subject requires it's own layer (calendar).
- Each layer (subject) is shared using the
teacher's email address. CREATING iFRAMES MARTIN THOMAS www.inabble.com/sample.html Independent
Accounts School
Accounts Go to www.google.com and create a new account. Develop and use a naming convention when creating accounts Login to your new account to begin creating homework calendar Log in to your school's Dashboard and Create new user. Use previously established naming conventions to create new accounts. Create using independent Google accounts. Click on the My calendars arrow and select Create new Calendar. Next, create and share calendars
for each subject with teachers. CALENDAR = SUBJECT = LAYER Do not use the create button, this will only be used to create individual calendar events in the teacher's personal calendars. Create using Google Apps for Education. Use the fields provided to enter information about class/teacher. Check to Share this calendar with others and Make this calendar public also be sure select See all event details exactly as shown above. Share calendar with the subject's teacher by adding a Google email account. Then select Make changes to events under Permission Settings. When you have finished click the Create Calendar button. To confirm the layer has been shared correctly click the arrow beside the layer and select Calendar settings. Click on the Share this Calendar tab/link. Make sure the teacher's email has permission to Make changes to events. CREATING & SHARING
CALENDAR LAYERS To create the iFrame code click on ANY layer arrow and click Share this Calendar. Scroll down to the Embed This Calendar section and click the Customize the color, size, and other options link. Use the options on the left side to configure the Calendar's display. Select all the calendars (layers) you wish to display and apply the designated color scheme. Click Update HTML button at the top of the page and then select and copy the iFrame code for the webmaster. - Embed calendar on school's website
using iFrame.
- iFrame calendar updates immediately
with changes.
- Personalize color schemes to promote
organization. Lastly, embed the calendar in an iFrame on school website. Colegio Aleman de Torreón PRESENTATION & STRATEGY CREATED BY STEP 1 The CREATE button is used by teachers in their personal accounts to add homework events to the calendar. DEFINE NEED / USE PRELIMINARY DEFINING PARTICIPANTS
Develop a list of teachers, support staff that require access to each calendar.
Technical, Training of staff ORGANIZATIONAL Administrative planning, Share Events,
Communicate Extra-curricular schedules

Teacher <-> Teacher
Teacher -> Student
Teacher -> Parent
Teacher <-> Administrator ADMINISTRATIVE
Clear rules of engagement including type, frequency VIRTUAL LOCATION / ACCESS POINT
School website or within platform APPLICATION (3 STEPS)
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