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Social Media Etiquette

Whitley County Youth Leadership

Margo Long

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Etiquette

...nice to meet you!
I joined the world of Facebook in 2006 and I can't say that I remember life without it.
Hello, my handle is...
When social media becomes
your diary with...
Agree or Disagree:

With all the social media outlets out there,
it's hard for your whole life not to be public.
I tweet my every move
June 3, 2014
DeKalb County 4-H Youth Leadership Academy
Margo Long
Think before you Tweet
Rule #1
When social media becomes
your diary with...
I Instagram how cute I look with no makeup on
I repost funny (yet ridiculously inappropriate) memes on Tumblr
I go to Facebook to rant when someone or something upsets me
Born a Steeler, raised a Buckeye and work as a Boilermaker!
My degree allows me to talk about ag.
I handle the social media page of DeKalb County 4-H.
I'm addicted to Pinterest (in a good way)
When social media becomes
your diary with ...
Yes, it's hard for your whole life not to be public,
but it doesn't have to be.
Use social media like your mother is watching you. If she wouldn't approve...if you even THINK she wouldn't approve, it's probably not ok.
No one needs to know every second of your life; some things probably only matter to you.
A problem you have with someone is between YOU and that someone.
(or IG, or post on FB, etc.)
In General...
The survey says...
Eyes are Everywhere
That includes your future boss(es)
If you must, make your Twitter a private account
and set your Facebook to more strict settings so that your slip-ups are unseen.
Rule #2
Privacy Settings are a Plus
Eyes are Everywhere
That includes your future boss(es)
•First impression is a lasting impression
Facebook Stalking:
We've all done it, but
Protecting your Image
What are you saying?
And most importantly, WHO are you portraying?
What do you want to be known for?
People know I'm proud to be a mom.
What are you saying?
And most importantly, WHO are you portraying?
Protecting your Image

But just so there are no misunderstandings, I make it known...
…even on social media.
My values and morals are very much a part
of my social media presence.
•We live in a new day and age
•Your future is worth it
Don't forget that face-to-face communication is still important!
Rule #3
Make a phone call
1. Avoid posting embarrassing photos
2. Create positive content
3. Google yourself
4. Don't talk trash online
5. Be social
Unloading personal frustrations is all bad.
Talking negative about anyone...yeah, that's bad too.
Social media is an addiction?!
What you say can hurt your reputation.
Are you stalking me?
Looking at the bright side...
Maintain a positive "personal brand"
77% use for business
64% use for recruiting
41% creates positive culture
46% builds/maintains relationships amongst colleagues
What are THREE things you would change about your social media presence?
Use TWO words to describe your personal brand.
Name ONE way to promote your personal brand.
I'm pinning...
DeKalb4H & Margo Long
Purdue Extension-DeKalb County 4-H
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