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Ed Jimenez

on 9 May 2013

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SMALLPOX Smallpox is threatening the community. It is a viral infection.
The virus is transferred through physical contact.
The incubation period lasts about 7-17 days. Then, the person will get a high fever between 101 and 104 F, headache, body pain, tiredness, and vomiting. At this time, the person is too ill to carry on normal activity. The person may be contagious. Then, the person will get a rash that lasts about 4 days. The person is the most contagious at this point. The person will then develop bumps that will go away in a week.
The virus is very dangerous because there is a high chance of death when infected. MICROBIOLOGIST EPIDEMIOLOGIST The rate of infection is 5 out of 10 people.
The minimum amount before a person is contagious is about 7 days.
The virus will likely spread quicker in a densely populated urban areas but thrives in rural areas too.
A close examination of past infections in small cities and towns reveals that a small town of 100+ people will most probably be infected in about 2 weeks or less. PHYSICIAN The disease causes macules, a form of pustules.
They look like infected lumps or pimples.
The body will experience a high fever ranging from 101 to 104 F. The body will also experience tiredness and will be unable to function properly for daily activities.
This disease is UNTREATABLE. Since the disease is untreatable, contact should be avoided between infected people and healthy people.
A recommended bio-terrorist kit is one to clean up all surfaces and materials that came in contact with the infected person.
The evacuation process should be fairly simple as all that needs to be done is avoid contact with infected people.
Special individual quarantining is recommended for infected people until they become non-contagious.
All food and water supplies should be contained in a special sterilized room with heavy cleaning equipment. ADMINISTRATION SMALLPOX A simple city to city evacuation should be enough to move out of the virus' range.
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